• JCB Pro-Smart vs Motorola Defy Plus

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    If you often find yourself in a challenging environment – perhaps you work outdoors, exposed to the elements or indoors in a dusty environment – you might always have considered today’s fragile smartphones a tad impractical.

    Fortunately, manufacturers including Motorola and JCB have produced products with exactly you in mind. In this post we’ll compare two of the leading rugged smartphones on the market, the JCB Pro-Smart and Motorola DEFY Plus.

    Screen Size

    JCB Pro-Smart

    3.2 Inches

    Motorola Defy+

    3.7 Inches

    The Motorola Defy+ comes equipped with a 3.7” Corning ‘Gorilla Glass’ scratch resistant touchscreen compared to the 3.2” scratch resistant touchscreen found on the JCB Pro-Smart.


    JCB Pro-Smart


    Motorola Defy+


    The Motorola Defy+ comes up trumps again with a 1GHz processor packed inside. While neither phone has been designed to run the latest graphically intense mobile games, both handsets will have more than enough grunt to perform the core smartphone tasks of calling, web browsing and checking email as well as being able to run the overwhelming majority of apps in the Google Play store without a problem.


    JCB Pro-Smart

    IP67 rated + enhanced casing

    Motorola Defy+

    IP67 rated

    Both of these devices are IP67 rated, meaning they are certified dust and water resistant making them hardier devices than your average smartphone. The JCB Pro-Smart also comes equipped with a chunky rubberised casing to absorb knocks to protect against accidental drops.

    Battery Life

    JCB Pro-Smart


    Motorola Defy+

    1700 mHa

    Don’t have the luxury of a plush office chair to sit in and a desk at which to charge your phone? Fret not, because the JCB Pro-Smart comes with a whopping 2000mAh battery which is bigger than the extended batteries provided by many other manufacturers. In terms of battery life, the smaller screen and less powerful processor may provide an advantage due to their reduced battery drain, meaning the Pro-Smart should almost always last a full day of use without charging. That being said, the DEFY+ battery also stands up very well and has a large capacity compared to the size of the handset.

    Android Version

    JCB Pro-Smart

    2.3 Gingerbread

    Motorola Defy+

    2.3 Gingerbread

    Both of these phones come pre-installed with Android 2.3 “Gingerbread”. While this isn’t the latest version of the operating system it still the version that the vast majority of Android phones run on and perfectly suitable for the needs of both devices.


    If you want maximum protection, the JCB Pro-Smart is the device for you. However, the size does mean that you won’t want to use it outside of work. If you’re fairly protective of your device and want a solution that is suitable for the workplace and personal life, the Motorola DEFY+ is the best choice. There is also a JCB edition of the DEFY+, which comes with a 24month warranty and an extra case, so this could be a good middle ground.


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