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    I admit that much of me was not overly excited by the thought of yet another HTC smartphone to review. Over the years the company has produced scores of phones that are adequate, impressive, but rarely at the top of the smartphone game. It is true that you cannot buy a bad HTC smartphone, but also true that HTC phones have rarely offered that emotional feedback that we seem to desire in modern mobile products.

    And then the postman arrived with the One X. I was shocked, seriously shocked by the feel and look of this phone. When I first picked it up it felt completely solid in every single area. It felt incredibly thin, very light and with just enough curve to make it feel natural in the hand. The fact that it does not have a removable battery has been commented on by some and seen as a negative, but if HTC can make a phone that feels like this because of that I say bring it on.

    One aspect, however, of this phone stands out above all others and that is the screen. What a screen this is! Seriously, it is unbelievable. I have spent a silly amount of time holding it in front of my eyes at every angle just to see how the images and text look. They really do look as though they have been painted onto the screen and there is no visible gap between the software and the glass. I was impressed with the screen on the iPhone 4 when it was released, but this screen is on a whole new level. In sunlight, in the dark, anywhere, it doesn’t matter. This screen brings everything to life and even Android feels different when viewed this way. At 4.7”, it is big, but still the phone feels pocketable. HTC has managed to find a sweet spot as far as the form factor goes and this has led my first impressions to be as high as they have been with any other phone. And there have been an awful lot of them.

    These are merely my first impressions and of course first impressions count for little in the long run. However, this is a phone I am looking forward to testing more than any other in recent times. Expect more soon…

    Shaun McGill

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