• Nokia 808 PureView available to pre-order

    By Clove , April 16, 2012 - Leave a comment

    We now have the Nokia 808 PureView available to pre-order having confirmed the launch price at £449 (£538.80). As of yet we do not have a date but will confirm an approximate availability as soon as possible.

    £449 may seem like a high price tag for a handset that runs Symbian, but the PureView does have a 41MP camera to make up for its lack of a smartphone OS. It also comes with a Xenon flash, 4” AMOLED display, 16GB internal storage (expandable via a microSD slot) and the range of connectivity features that can be found in current smartphones, including DLNA.  

    For a closer look at the specs of accessories, you may like to download the Nokia 808 PureView Data sheet or Whitepaper.


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