Sony Xperia S–Languages (Includes Arabic, Russian & Hebrew)

With any Android smartphone, there are a variety of languages available on the device that you can choose from.  When you buy from the UK the default language is English but there are a whole variety of other languages you can choose from (French, Spanish, German and many more). 

However, the likes of Arabic, Hebrew and Russian can often be left out.  With the Xperia S, whilst you do not get the option to have the menus in Arabic or Hebrew, you can have the keyboard and writing language in Hebrew, Arabic and Russian as well as many others.

Here are some screenshots:


Check out the full list in the video below.


  1. Makzim says

    There is no hard sign( look like this “Ъ”) on it.
    How am I suppose to write “подъебал” without it?

  2. lamyaa says

    is the arabic language avilable in orignal uk Sony Xperia S keyboard or this phone from out of uk, and dose it receive arabic sms, and can i brows the web in arabic, please respond.