• HTC CC C300 Dual Micro USB Car Charger–Customer Review

    By Clove , March 28, 2012 - Leave a comment

    Review compliments of Gavin from Scarborough.

    I only have one cigarette lighter in my car, so before I got this I was only able to charge one thing at a time. I never really thought of having a USB car charger with two slots, but I was looking through Clove’s website and I came across this, the HTC CC C300 Dual Micro USB Car Charger.

    I bought one and now I can charge my Sensation and my Kindle at the same time. Which is very helpful and sometimes when my friends are in my car they can also charge their phone at the same time. It also came with a coiled micro USB cable which came in pretty handy as well as its much harder to get tangled and it means there are no cables all over my car. Good buy!


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