• Elephant Plays with a Galaxy Note

    By Chris Ward , March 28, 2012 - Leave a comment

    The videos below show Peter the elephant playing with various apps on the Samsung Galaxy Note. The second video is an out take shot, which is posted as a link in the main YouTube video in case you do not believe that it is ‘all real, no film trickery, post-production or hidden cuts’.

    We’d like to see him have a go at Draw Something.

    Chris Ward

    Better known as 'Wardy', digital media is where his interest lies. Responsible for many elements of the Clove website and external advertising activities, Wardy is our interactive media graduate. Always chilled out, there is never a time when you see 'Wardy' stressed. A keen music follower, he knows his DJ's and how to mix a few tracks together. Always eating, he remains stick thin and is the envy of the rest of us! A very deep character, there are some suprising twists to what Wardy knows and you'll never meet a nicer bloke if you tried!


  • Marvelous Chris. Brought a BIG smile to my face. 🙂
    Amongst the many things he successfully carried out did you also notice he ACTUALLY took a Photo of himself with the lady in the video….. absolutely brilliant.


      • Yes, that was very warming.

        As my Granddaughter said “He’s Cute”.
        Boy was I glad she didn’t ask for one…..


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