Motorola Gleam + (Gleam Plus)–Now In Stock

It has just arrived into stock.

This is the Motorola Gleam + (Gleam Plus), the latest update to the Gleam flip phone.

It isn’t the most cutting edge of mobile devices but it is a cost effective communication solution with a rare flip form factor.

The Gleam + has a 2.8” screen and is just 13.5mm thick.

It has a 2 megapixel camera, large easy to use keypad and Bluetooth 2.1.

Internet connectivity comes through a EDGE data connection and a Opera browser. You do too have connection to social networks including Facebook and Twitter.

The bottom of the phone has a transparent fascia that illuminates when calls and messages arrive.

For more information or to obtain one of these for just £69+VAT, CLICK HERE.