• Nexus S getting ICS update (again) in a few weeks

    By Chris Ward , March 16, 2012 - Leave a comment

    To much surprise and delight, the Ice Cream Sandwich updated for the Samsung Nexus S first began rolling out way back in December. However, after just a couple of days the update was stopped and has not been available since. I was lucky enough to be among those that received the update (although it has now gone after my Nexus S was repaired) and had been happy to have it early, even with slightly diminished battery life. 

    Following reports yesterday that ‘Nexus S users are still angry at missing Ice Cream Sandwich update’, Engadget has reported that the new update is now due to roll out ‘within the next few weeks’. Hopefully this will relieve frustration a bit, especially with ICS due to be available imminently for devices such as the SGS2 and HTC Sensation.

    Chris Ward

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  • Hi Chris,

    My Nexus S went in for repair of the power button, which recently stopped working. When my phone was returned it was running 2.3.2 which was annoying because when I sent it it was on 2.3.6 (the latest version of Gingerbread, I think). As soon as I started using my phone an OTA update to ICS was notified to me, however, the update wouldn’t install despite repeated attempts at charging & using WiFi & even manually downloading ICS and copying to the root folder. That saga started in mid-April but has finally been resolved on 17/5/12 – I went back to Carphone Warehouse to ask about the problem and to my embarrassment they updated my phone in the shop by simply doing the OTA update which previously hadn’t been working for me! I’m now loving ICS the screen looks so fresh and Chrome browser is great

    • Ha that’s always the way isn’t it Joe. Sounds like you had a bit of a saga with it, but at least it’s working now. I’m waiting to get the update on my Note now; can’t wait to get Chrome installed again. Apex launcher is also worth checking out now that you have ICS.

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