• CoPilot release a free GPS app

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    Well-established GPS software manufacturers CoPilot announced the release of a free GPS app at Mobile World Congress last week.

    CoPilot GPS is a stripped down version of the popular CoPilot Live app that includes the usual route planning functions and locally stored maps so that you can use the app without a data connection. However, the app does not feature automatic route correction, turn by turn voice navigation, speed limit warnings or 3D maps, although you’ll be able to purchase these features in the app. It’s not clear yet whether you can purchase these features individually or whether it all comes as one upgrade. CoPilot note that this is not offered as an alternative to its paid CoPilot Live app

    Do you think the lack of features will stop this competing with the excellent Google Navigation or Nokia Drive? Or do you think it can still stand up to the competition?

    CoPilot GPS is expected to be released for android, iPad and iPhone this month

    Source: CoPilot


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