• Windows Marketplace for Mobile 6.x Discontinuation Notice

    By Jon , March 8, 2012 - Leave a comment

    Microsoft are to officially discontinue the Windows Marketplace for Mobile 6 devices as of May 9th 2012.

    This means from the 9th May any Windows Mobile/Windows Phone 6 users will not be able to download any apps from the Marketplace.  Already downloaded apps will still run, but there will be no further updates or the ability to find new applications.

    We expected this to come at some point, but we are a little surprised it is as soon as it is.  It shows how committed to Windows Phone it is.

    We are sure many users are still happily using the old version of Windows Mobile and may not be happy by this news. 

    See the official statement, that we received by email below.  We are interested to hear what your thoughts on this are?



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  • I think I’d be pretty annoyed if I hadnt’t jumped ship a couple of years back. It does seem a rather penny-pinching thing to do, but with probably fairly low impact. Surely the more tech-savvy will have long moved onto a more current platform, and the less tech-savvy might not even be aware of the Marketplace? As much as I liked devices like the HD mini and the HD2, I think it’s probably time for everyone to move on.

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