• HTC One X– 50GB Cloud Storage (25GB Dropbox + 25GB SkyDrive)

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    The HTC One X has 32GB of internal storage, 26GB of which is usable.  The One X has no MicroSDHC memory card slot, but it does come with 25GB of Dropbox cloud storage for 2 years.

    Its not bad but how about another 25GB?

    The One X will come with 25GB of Microsoft SkyDrive storage as well as the Dropbox, so that is 50GB of cloud storage in total or 82GB if you include the internal memory.


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  • A bit tangential to the point of the story, but it’s very disappointing that there’s no microSD slot on this. Cloud storage is nice, but this seems made for watching movies, and that 25Gb onboard is going to fill up with music and video really quickly. When you can get 64Gb microSD cards for £75, it really hobbles devices for me when you’re stuck with the built-in storage.

    • I would agree that it’s perhaps a bit too soon for manufacturers to start leaving out microSD storage. From what we understand it’s partly a design thing, but also because the device can write to fixed memory quicker than it can a microSD slot. As cloud and streaming services develop I think there will be less need for microSD slots, but that’s a long way off so I’d prefer it if it was still included.

  • In principle, keeping a load of data in the cloud seems like a logical step, but in practice given the sketchy 3G coverage I get even in UK cities, I find it hard to believe that a day will come any time soon when I’ll be able to stream say a 1Gb movie to my phone on the move with any reliabilty, to say nothing of the data costs… Solutions like USB-on-the-go are OK (though I worry about the potential battery drain), but just seem really kludgy compared to the convenience of just popping a card into a slot.

    • I’m agreed that cloud storage is too unreliable for movie streaming. Personally I don’t have the need to carry round that many movies – I don’t see the point in having a huge library saved on the off chance that I want to watch one while out and about. That being said I don’t do much travelling so needless to say that affects my usage. Music is a slightly different story, although for me 20GB would be more than enough, especially with the likes of Spotify and TuneIn Radio constantly improving their range. With new features like Dropbox’s auto upload, I don’t need to allocate so much space for photos either.

  • Depending on whether you want to use DropBox for consumer or businesses purposes, it may or may not be right for you. For businesses in many regulated industries, DropBox is not compliant. Their website clearly states this:
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