114GB of Storage with a Sony Xperia S


How would you like to have 114GB of storage with the Sony Xperia S?  I think most would reply yes, especially if you want your whole music library on your phone.

Well it isn’t as difficult as you might think to get this, in fact it is fairly simply (it does require a little extra spending though).

1.  Buy a Sony Xperia S – You get 32GB on board memory

  1. Sign up for a FREE 50GB Box account.  Download the app from Android Market (here), sign up via the Xperia S and you now have 50GB of cloud storage and 32GB on the phone (82GB in total).

  2. Buy a Sony Smart Wireless Headset & a 32GB MicroSDHC memory card (if you don’t have one).  The Smart Wireless Headset Pro is a great accessory that allows you to take calls, read text messages, listen to music and radio but a microSDHC card slot allows a 32GB card to be inserted and then that gives a total 114GB of storage.


p>Pretty impressive do you not think?


  1. you're reaching says

    I like the clove store, good service and punctual delivery, but this article is straight nonsense and is straight advertorial.

    • Chris Ward says

      Thanks for the feedback – we just try to make people aware of the possibilities. We will take this into account on future posts.