• Google rumoured to have cloud storage service on the way

    By Chris Ward , February 9, 2012 - Leave a comment

    The Wall Street Journal has reported that Google will launch its own cloud storage service, named Google Drive. This seems like a natural progression from some of the services that it offers already, such as Google Docs and Gmail.

    The reports suggest that Google Drive will be a digital locker, offering similar services to the likes of Dropbox and Box, and will launch within the next few months. It will allow users to store photos, music and videos, sharing uploaded content via a URL as opposed to using other services such as instant messaging or emailing.

    The launch of such a service may have implications for other services such as Dropbox and Box. Integration of Drive with Google’s other services (including Android devices) will offer features that would be hard for third parties to compete with. However, Dropbox has recently launched a new beta which gives you free storage whilst instantly uploading your new photos to the cloud, so it may stay ahead of the curve for a while.

    Box also has a special offer running at the moment, giving 50GB of free storage to owners of a Sony Xperia handset. This is available until the end of the year.


    p>Via The Inquirer

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