• Smartphone Camera Evolution

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    Xperia_arc_Black_2The team over at Wired have to put together an excellent article on smartphone camera evolution.

    In 2011 more than one quarter of all pictures taken were taken on a smartphone according to the NPD.

    Cameras have been in mobile devices for a long time but recently there has been major improvements in the hardware and the software and we are now seeing features traditionally only ever seen in dedicated cameras now in a smartphones.

    Wired point out that smartphones are often used in low light and that Sony developed a new sensor to improve the photos and videos obtained. Even in the older Xperia Arc, the image quality in low light was significantly better than any other device. However it has been improved further and we will most likely see this in future Sony devices.  Apparently the iPhone 4S uses a Sony sensor.

    Carl Zeiss, a well known brand of lenses have been on Nokia handsets for many years, the Nokia N95 being one of the most popular and now the Nokia Lumia 800.  These traditionally take very good pictures.

    So is 2012 going to see even more pictures taken on smartphones and less demand for compact cameras, read more at Wired.


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