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    imageSeems like pocketnow.com have sourced some interesting information about Windows Phone 8 from a video destined for Nokia partners.

    According to the US site, Windows Phone 8 is currently referred to under it’s project name “Apollo”.

    In terms of hardware changes, it would appear that unlike Windows Phone 7 there is going to be support for multicore processors and a total or four screen resolutions as well as the much called for and desired microSD memory card support.

    There is no doubt that these improvements are set to make Windows Phone more competitive with iPhone and Android handsets.

    NFC will be supported too.

    Windows Phone 8 will share a lot of similarities with the Windows 8 computing platform for PC’s.

    It will use many of the same components and code from the desktop operating system to enable developers to easily re-use a lot of code for mobile devices.

    The Zune desktop client is too expected to be ditched in favour of a dedicated companion application….remember Active Sync?

    The current Xbox companion app will also be available on Windows * along with Skydrive support and seamless sharing of data between devices.

    Applications currently and due to be available on Windows Phone 7/7.5 will be supported by 8 and it is said that the native code support will allow more powerful applications and the porting of code from apps originally developed for iOS and Android.

    Manufacturers to will be given the ability to customise the camera application more than they can currently.

    DataSmart is too a new feature which aims to reduce and simplify the tracking of data usage.

    Not forgetting the business customers who are feeling a little alienated with Windows Phone today, there will be a native BitLocker encryption

    We will post more information when we have it, but shout out to pocketnow for obtaining the information.


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