• ASUS Transformer Prime Update–Taken off sale

    By Clove , February 1, 2012 - Leave a comment

    This is an update regarding stock of the ASUS Transformer Prime.

    Stock supply has been a real issue and good levels of stock are not expected until late February/March.

    However we have been able to obtain some stock sooner than expected; but because of complaints of faults with the model we took the decision to thoroughly test stock before fulfilling any orders.

    We are at this time not satisfied that all units we could provide you with are working correctly, and performing to the standard we expect of the unit.

    We have therefore taken the decision until further notice to stop selling the ASUS Transformer Prime.

    We have decided to cancel ALL orders (if you have one with us). No payment has been taken from your card. If in time we feel that the situation has changed and we are happy to sell the Prime, we will email you to let you know that we are once again accepting orders.

    We apologise that this is the situation but trust you understand our reasons for doing so.


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  • Well done Clove on taking this step. You are a credit to your customers and the industry.
    If only other sellers took more time and effort into assisting the user base it would send a stronger message back to the manufacturers.


  • A good stand and view guys, looking forward to hearing the results, I am thinking of ordering the TF700T when it is released so lets see what comes of this.

  • Gotta appreciate the dedication to having happy customers.

    I’ve ordered one from the US through ebay; might be here tomorrow if I’m lucky (that’s my Birthday). Wish me luck…

      • Well it came Saturday; didn’t get to play with it that much over the weekend though.

        Wi-fi reception seems poor, but I do get a fair signal throughout my flat. It’s obvious that the metal back cuts the signal a lot; turning the Prime 180 degrees has a big effect on signal strength.

        Other than that it’s good. It had Android 3.2 to start with, which I used for a while and it was a little jerky. upgraded to ICS, which was very easy to do, and it’s buttery smooth.

        Not having had a chance to try any Android tablets out in a store I was surprised by how small the screen is. I knew that 10.1″ on a 4:3 (iPad) screen would be significantly bigger that 10.1″ on a 16:10 screen but you do need to see it to appreciate it. I’m used to it now though and it doesn’t bother me. I would much prefer 4:3 to be honest, but I wouldn’t touch Apple and there are very few 4:3 Android tablets.

        The sound is fairly poor, and it could really do with a speaker on each side rather than just the right.

        Mostly very happy with it though. I still need to find a keyboard so haven’t been able to try that side if things yet.

        By the way the Amethyst Grey looks very nice so I wouldn’t worry too much if you can’t get the Champagne.

        Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to know 🙂

          • There’s been an OTA update today that apparently improves wifi and GPS performance.

            I think I’m getting a slightly stronger wifi signal, although it could just be that the update makes it report the strength differently (as Apple did in their antennagate ‘fix’).

            It’d be interesting to know if Clove’s issue with the Prime relates to wifi, and if so whether this update addresses their concerns at all.

          • Hi Bug,
            Yes, I passed this information on to Clove this morning ~ although at the time it was just the US that were getting this latest update.
            As you and many are now finding the update is slowly rolling out to the rest of the world.

            If you are wondering what the update addresses, well Asus are very cagey in coming forward with their firmware release contents.
            However, xda-devs is fortunate to have Gary Key ~ Asus Technical Marketing Manager who joined xda-devs and has been liaising with the many who have problems with their Prime.
            Gary has been passing this information back and forth between Asus and xda-devs and has come forth with what is in the release:-

   Release Notes –
            1. Fix Random Reboot / Lockup Problem (100% success in regression testing with returned units, hopefully the same in the community)
            2. Enable Google WideVine video rental in the US
            3. General Performance Enhancements – Usability and User Experience improvements
            4. Improved WiFi operation (for most users, still working on the WiFi/BT dropout fix that will not be assisted by the WiFi/GPS firmware updates).

            There have been quite a mixed reaction to the update; many report improvements in all areas including Wifi & GPS whilst others report it is worse.
            As such it’s not clear cut but it’s a step in the right direction.
            Regardless it’s positive news. I just hope Asus manage to sort some form of balance soon.


          • Thanks for keeping us updated guys.

            I take it the GPS updates only apply to US stock as ASUS has removed it from the UK specification? Do you have any GPS functionality on your unit Bug?

          • Thanks Mike. I had one random reboot before the update but that’s all. I’ve not really had any issues with the tablet, but if I had a big house the wifi might be an issue.

        • The use of GPS was removed from ALL Primes irrespective of where they are purchased and used.
          However, Asus have so far pushed out two updates to GPS.
          As such although it was removed by word it is still available for use.


          • Yes, I didn’t quite word that correctly.
            Although Asus removed the words GPS from the Prime’s spec sheet and from directly accessing it on the Prime the GPS chip it’s still there.
            You can still use GPS through the settings and third party Apps.
            Run GPS Test app and it will turn on GPS and check for satellites.
            This is how a lot of owners have been testing GPS. It either works or doesn’t which for the greater it doesn’t.


    • Just remembered to check back here. I don’t appear to have working GPS. I’ve used a program called GPS Status and although it doesn’t say there’s no GPS it’s never found a sniff of a single satellite.

      Shame; I may have to find a way to get the Prime to use my phone’s GPS, as it would a separate BlueTooth GPS receiver. May not be possible of course.

      • Hi Bug,
        What you need to do Bug is first nip on over to xda-devs and first have a read of this topic titled ‘Bluetooth GPS Tether’ ~ http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1483101Android%20Phone:
        It has a lot of information both in pics and guides.
        Basically it runs through the following:-
        Android Phone:
        Step 1) Open Market and/or Instal: GPS 2 Bluetooth
        Step 2) If you do don’t see the widget then reboot your phone.
        Step 3) Turn on GPS
        Step 4) Turn on your widget (press it)
        Step 5) Turn on Bluetooth and pair with your transformer prime.

        Transformer Prime:
        Step 1) Open Settings
        Step 2) Open Developer Options
        Step 3) Enable “Allow Mock Locations” & Enable “USB Debugging”
        Step 4) Open Market and/or Instal: Bluetooth GPS
        Step 5) Turn on Bluetooth and pair with your android phone
        Step 6) Open Bluetooth GPS
        Step 7) Activate/Enable “Enable Mock GPS Provider”
        Step 8) Press Connect.

        Next up have a look at the other topic titled ‘Got GPS working with Phone’ ~ http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1492468&highlight=bluetooth+gps
        You will find some good info there as well.

        Finally, another option is to use a standalone BT receiver.
        The TomTom GPS Receiver works well with smartphones.
        Here first is the manual on how to set it up with a Smartphone ~ http://download.tomtom.com/open/manuals/mob5_nav5/Wireless_GPS_manual_NAV5_MOB5.pdf
        Next take a look at this topic again in xda-devs titled ‘Multiple options for GPS resolution’ ~ http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=21706799&postcount=1251
        It lists the TomTom GPS Receiver and also other items with links.

        All in all Bug these should get you up and running your Prime with GPS.


        • Cheers Mike; I’ll give that a go.

          Bit more info here; it seems the ‘GPS Status’ program just doesn’t work with the Prime and/or ICS. I tried a different program called ‘GPS Test’ and it does find some satellites.

          Not many though, and the signals are too weak for locks. To be fair this is with the Prime sitting on the windowsill rather than outside, but my HD2 sitting right next to it finds more satellites and gets a far stronger signal.

          So there is GPS in my Prime but it doesn’t seem usable. An outside test might find it usable but it’ll still be pants compared to my phone.

          Now to check out those threads…

          • The first thread did the trick. The phone app isn’t compatible with my HD2 but I found one called ‘GPS Over BT’ that did the job.

            Seems to work pretty well; thanks for the tip Mike :o)

  • I’ve recieved email that ordered TF201 were canceled. But I still see ‘ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201’ on my ‘Orders’ page.

  • My last order with you guys there was an error that cost me significant extra money when the item was delivered. This was due to the order comments field cutting off my text though the front end gave me no warning and showed the full text. I decided not to order from you again in anger and have placed many orders with your competitors instead, one in the UK as well, over the past few years.

    Today I saw this news story. My next mobile device order will be with you guys again. This is a bold consumer-first move. Even if its just a PR stunt, it is honorable old school retail none the less and has won my business back.

    Ironically, that order will probably be for the Padfone. It will be my first Asus mobile device, hope Asus gets it right with that and its not my last one as well. 🙂

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence.

      It’s certainly not a PR stunt and it was not an easy decision for us to turn down the business, but we felt it was the correct thing to do for all involved.

      Sorry to hear about your experience the first time round, hopefully we can make amends on a future order.

  • I have my Prime from a “Bricks and mortar” store. Must say that I am blown away with it but I DO have one issue (ignoring the fact that the GPS is poor – but that’s now a given!)… the keyboard sometimes just doesn’t work when the clamshell is opened. Powering off then back on usually resolves matters (so it’s not a complete hardware failure – more likely a firmware issue) – or sometimes just undock / redock brings things back to life. Once it works, it wont STOP working after sleep / resume, etc. until the unit is closed and… something else… I can’t quite identify. I thought maybe charging or charging to full or discharing the keyboard etc. – but have as-yet not been able to identify reliable steps to recreate.
    ASUS support said “factory reset”… But I have read of others with the issue who have tried this to no avail…

    LOVELY machine – still thinking I might just wear the annoyance; hoping it will be fixed with a f/w update…

    – Richard.

    • Hi Richard,

      Thanks for letting us know about the Transformer Prime that you’ve bought. Hopefully you can get the issues sorted, it is a really nice piece of kit.

  • i have a asus transformer prime 201 now i can not use good internet so

    how will i arrange this problem or must i sent back to asus?

    • Yes it may need to be sent back to ASUS or returned to the retailer from which you purchased it.

    • Depending on the severity of the problem and how much you want to keep your ‘defective’ Prime your first port of call should always be with the seller.
      Some sellers will allow you to return the device without question whilst others may require you to first ring Asus and obtain an RMA (Returns certificate).
      If you purchased it over the Internet in the UK then you are covered for the first 7 days with the UK’s Distance Selling Regulation ~ http://www.out-law.com/page-430
      After that if the device becomes defective you can return it back to the seller using the Sales of Goods Act ~ http://whatconsumer.co.uk/the-sale-of-goods-act/

      Regardless, don’t let anyone ‘bully’ you into keeping the device if you do not feel happy.


  • Hi, Hats off to your customer service. I’ve been following Clove since Motorola Defy Plus was released on your site.

    I was wondering if clove ships their products to India, or do you guys have some sort of retail outlet in Germany, I’ll be visiting Germany in mid April for a couple of weeks and would love to purchase the Prime from you.

    Incase you people do ship in India, Please let me know about the transit insurance and shipping charges etc. towards the order.

    Kudos once again!

    • Hi Vivek,

      Thanks for the positive feedback. We certainly do ship to India, and Germany. We do not have an outlet as we are mail order only. If you add the products that you are interested in to your basket, you can see the different shipping options for different countries.

    • HI Jaffar,

      We are unlikely to range it now I’m afraid. Stock in the UK is in constraint so for the time being at least it is unavailable.

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