ASUS Transformer Prime Now Available To Pre-Order

UPDATE: 19/12/2011 – The 32GB model has been reduced to £499 inclusive of VAT on our website and is available for pre-order, with first stock expected in January. The 64GB remains on the website with the ability to purchase disabled and an expected release date of Q2 2012.


We now have the ASUS Transformer Prime TF201 available to pre-order at Clove. We have two variants listed, one with 32GB internal storage and a keyboard included, and one with 64GB memory and no keyboard included. Both models are grey in colour and the price of both is confirmed at £459 (£550.80).

The Transformer Prime is the second iteration of ASUS’s popular Android tablet and boasts an impressive 18 hours battery life and the Tegra 3 quad-core processor, making it one of the most powerful tablet PC’s around. Here’s a look at the other key features and promotional video.

  • A tablet and netbook in one
  • 64GB internal storage
  • MicroSDHC memory card slot
  • Up to 18 hours battery life (dock required – 12 without)
  • 8 megapixel camera with 1080p video recording
  • WiFi 802.11b/g/n
  • NVidia Tegra 3 processor
  • 10.1″ capacitive display with 178 degree viewing angle
  • Mini HDMI port


  1. Mike Paterson says

    This is excellent news but what about the Champagne Gold model?
    That is the model I wish to order.

    Also, will Pre-Orders have credit cards debited immediately?
    This is a question others have asked me to investigate.

    Thanks in advance

    • Dave says

      I have just preordered mine with Clove and the confirmation email stated that payment would only be taken once the item was despatched. Hope this helps… (I ordered the 64Gig version and will pick up a keyboard dock later)

    • Phil Richards says

      Read the T and Cs

      We often post information on new products on the website ahead of their launch in order to give customers the opportunity to pre-order the device. If we have stated in the description that this is a pre-order then it means you will place an order in the normal way with all your details and will give you the opportunity to get on of the first devices when the product is released. Whilst you will enter your credit card details, no payment will be taken until the product comes into stock. You are able to cancel this pre-order right up to the date of shipment. The price shown can sometimes be an estimate and whilst we try and make this as accurate as we can, it may change up or down before shipment. If the price does change we will inform you before shipment of this and give you the opportunity to re-confirm or cancel your back order.


    • says

      Hi Mike,

      As it stands pre-orders are not being debited. Once we remove the pre-order status from the listing (which will likely be in the new year), we will begin charging. We will be getting the Champagne Gold model listed later today.

  2. Rahux says

    And will this ship with honeycomb like the American version or, as earlier announced by asus, ice cream sandwich like the European launch was meant to have?

    • says

      Yes unfortunately we do often find that US prices are cheaper as the exchange rate isn’t reflected in the pricing, so a device that is $500 in the US will still cost £500 in the UK.

  3. Chong says

    £550 = no buy

    I was expecting something like £500 (approximately $800) which is already much higher than what US customers pay ($650+%7 tax = $695). But ask us to pay £550 = $880? No way. I’m not gonna buy it. I’ll simply wait for iPad 3 or Lenovo/Acer quad-core ones, for they will have retina displays, unlike the ASUS one which is still the low resolution 1280×800.

  4. Bugblatter says

    Why is it assumed that no-one will want 64GB AND a keyboard dock? I want to pre-order one with both.

    I know it’s probably Asus making these decisions, and I think they did the same thing with the original Transformer, but it’s very annoying since the keyboard dock on its own costs a lot more than when it’s bundled.

  5. Mike Paterson says

    Agree…. My choice would have been the Champagne Gold 64GB model with Keyboard bundle.
    As you say, Asus never supplied the larger Transformer TF101 model with a keyboard.

    btw is this Bugblatter from the old FirstLoox forums?


  6. says

    Would also have like the option of 64gb bundle, so will you be doing the keyboard ?, and if so, cost please. Also will credit card be debit before the dispatch date ?

    Thank you.


    • says

      We are expecting to have the keyboard available separately but as of yet we do not have pricing or an eta, but we’ll get it listed as soon as we do.

      If you place an order now you will not be charged. Once stock is on its way to us and you have confirmed your order, the card will be debited. This means that it may be debited the day before dispatch so that we can ensure the order ships the day that stock arrives.

  7. Galahadoc says

    Agree with the above, I’m still undecided whether I will go 64gb or the colour, but I would sure like to be given the option.

  8. Bugblatter says

    It is! I remember P8rson! How’s it going; still cantankerous? I think I might give you a run for your money these days ;o)

  9. Mike Paterson says

    Ha haaa.. you most probably would these days Bug.
    But I’ve not mellowed one little bit..

    Nice toy hear from you again mate. :-)


  10. Mike Paterson says

    Slashgear have released an article update to the ‘delay’ on the Prime.
    According to Asus it’s all back on track.

    Asus response was:-
    “We are trying to confirm who released this statement and for what purpose right now. At this point, we still show to be on schedule to start shipments the week of 12/19. I will provide an update once I have additional information”.

    You can find the article here ~


  11. Tablethunter says

    While delay on Prime is probably a rumour the statement doesn’t quite ‘put to rest’ any doubt. It’s more a ‘far as I know, but i’ll check’ statement.

    Taiwanese forums do praise Prime but there are also numerous mentions of wi-fi issues though signal weakness rather than failure.

    As for Clove, given they are the only ones with pre-order and the tech mags said the UK would get 32gb only at £499 with dock I’d ask if this is UK stock or grey market, as if there are any issues in the first production runs, i’d wanna know I can get that solved….

    • says


      It will be genuine UK stock, not grey imports. So if there are any problems you won’t be left in the dark with the warranty/repairs.

  12. alex says

    $499 for the 32GB model in the States = £319 at today’s exchange rate. Plus vat makes it £383. Someone’s taking the piss here, but who – Clove, or Asus?

      • alex says

        It appears that some US sites are not shipping the keyboard with the $499 model. Do you know if there are any plans to sell without keyboard in the UK? A tablet shouldn’t need one, and the difference between £400 and £550 is going to dissuade a lot of people from buying one.

        • says

          Not sure just yet. We do expect the keyboard to be available separately and will confirm the availability of the 32GB model on its own when we can.

  13. Phil Burns says

    The US version at $500 is without the Keyboard though. The 32gb version here is including it so $500+$150=$650 so it’s not actually that different.

    • says

      From what I understand the delay applies to the US launch of the Transformer, which is due this month. Regardless of the US delay/launch, UK stock is due to be available in January so it shouldn’t affect our stock.

      Unfortunately I can’t shed any light as to whether the US delay rumours are true or not, although going by the statement that I have read from ASUS, it would seem that it is still on schedule to launch in just under a week.