Arabic & Hebrew voice search now on Google Android

Fantastic news for our Arabic and Hebrew customers. 

Google have updated their voice search on Android smartphones (Version 2.2 or above) to support both Arabic and Hebrew language, therefore meaning you can search in your native language.

The update does too apply to iPhone users. 

This update takes the language support up to 29 languages for Google Voice Search.

The original post on the Google Mobile post says:

When building support for Arabic and Hebrew into our language model we faced some unique challenges, including how to understand words with diacritics (accents that indicate a difference in pronunciation, a linguistic phenomenon called “Nikud” in Hebrew, and “Tashkil” in Arabic) and words appended with other words (“and” for example) that can have many different nuanced meanings.

To train our system we collected over one million utterances in Arabic and Hebrew, using the languages as they are spoken in the more populated parts of each country. For Arabic, we trained the system to recognize Gulf, Levant and Egyptian dialects. While initially we may not accurately recognize words spoken in every regional accent and dialect, one of the major benefits to Google’s cloud-based model is that the more people use Voice Search, the more accurate it becomes.


Note that you can only speak one language into the app at any time and that you may need to change your language setting first.

Source:  Via: Androidcentral