Samsung Galaxy Nexus Update Rolling Out

We have had confirmation today that the updates for the Galaxy Nexus are about to begin. This will be done in batches over the air.

Yesterday we did receive information from our UK distributors that the update had already been completed on the new stock, but this was not the case.

However, this morning’s news means the update will be available very soon for new and existing customers and some customers may be prompted to install the update upon powering up their machine for the first time.

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  1. bushbrother says:

    Thanks for the honest update in this PR mess from Google/Samsung :)

  2. Samsung really have failed to communicate clearly on this, haven’t they.

    Good to see Clove making best efforts and being honest, as usual.

  3. please stop misleading people!!!
    why samsung did not announce this officially
    please contact samsung in written next time.
    simply because i dont trust samsung unless i see somthing solid

  4. A few days? The rollout of the update has been announced officially this morning, our information today also comes direct from Samsung UK. The message yesterday (coming from Samsung distribution), seems to have been slightly confused with today’s announcement.

  5. I can not buy the phone on the site. It gives error. Does anyone know what’s going on?

  6. Thank you for info! Just ordered Nexus yesterday, will wait for shipping.
    p.s May you check email from me, I’m afraid it could be gone to SPAM folder. email from address dima.carvalho@….
    thank you.

  7. ENDEAVOUR says:

    Its thursday 1st Dec, when is this sound update coming, and will it do the update over the air ? i know folk have put posts on, i just want some confirmation thats all

    cheers Richard

    • Hi Richard,

      Yes it is an over the air update. The update is now rolling out so you should be prompted to install it within the next few days.

  8. Hi, is the handset you have now in stock volume bug free ?

    • No not at the moment, although if you purchase one the update to fix the bug should be available for you to install by the time your order is delivered.

  9. for me , i will wait until your devices receive the flash update
    and then i will buy it
    by this , i will a buy it fully updated and with a good price

  10. Please let me know when you will have this phone in stock, but without the volume error.

  11. Hello Clove, I want to know if this stock that you have right now is it fixed or not? I heard that you have a fixed stock of Samsung Galaxy Nexus now waiting for your reply thankyou.

    • No, there was some confusion previously as we were given information to say that the stock that we had received last week had had the volume bug fixed. We will let customers know as soon as we receive stock that has already had the update applied.

  12. could Clove let us know when the phone itself comes with the bug update patch please?? without us having to wait for the patch..
    thank you

    • Yes we will let people know. It really is a simple update to apply though, you are simply prompted to install it once it is available. The patch should now be available for nearly all handsets that have the bug.

  13. does it mean that you open the box to update the nexus phone if i buy a flashed one ?

    • No it does not. There was some confusion as we believed the handsets we received last week would have had the update applied already, but this was not the case.

  14. Well i was prompted to install something the other day and i left it do its job while i slept. when i woke my phone was back to home page, however, i still dont really notice any difference in sound. The touch key volume is only still just audible, and play back is still quiet.

    My mian problem with this handset is the music app, “GOOGLE MUSIC” i see its only avail in the USA but it has downloaded some of my music but not all, and its put seperate album tracks in different locations instead of a seperate complete album, makes finding a track soooooooooo frustrating.
    And another thing how the hell do i put podcasts on the device ? cant see a tab for it any place
    What are others using as their music players ?

    cheers Colin

    • Hi Colin,

      The purpose of the update is not to improve the sound quality/overall volume. The update will simply fix the volume rocker problem, whereby it changes the volume erratically when making a call/playing back audio.

      I can’t really comment on Google Music as I’ve not used it yet. Personally I use DoubleTwist for playing and syncing music to my device, it may be worth you checking that out. I’m not sure about the problem that you’re having with ebay either, it may be that it is a compatibility problem with ICS rather than your particular handset.

      • ENDEAVOUR says:

        At this moment im sitting at my computer and guess what ? my handset is downloading something, although it has been for the last hour or so. There is picture of the the green android bloke in the middle and under him it says downloading , do not take off target. Im hopin this is it. Just have to wait and see, Thankyou for your response to my questions, all very helpful.

        Cheers Colin

  15. One other thing, like what ive already said is not enough ? :)

    the ebay app will not let me look at actual individual items. i can get messages,search, ect ect, but not look at specific items. i keep gettin the error message CODE 5013, ive reinstalled over 5 times but no luck :( any ideas ?

    cheers Colin

  16. ENDEAVOUR says:

    Well 9 hours after staring to download something, guess what ? its still downloading and i dont want to interupt it, however, i will need to use the phone one day, lets hope it makes it :(


  17. Yes but it was not the same install i had to stop the previous one after 11 hrs !. but another one came through and finished with 30 min !!!!!, how frustrating is that. Anyhow the sound is somewhat louder one on playback. still dont know how to put podcasts on, which i use a lot :(

    Mind you my 4s 64gb is sittin in the top draw, and i can hear it callin me. i must resist it :) i do miss icloud for sincin everything wirelessly