Samsung Galaxy Nexus Back In Stock–Volume Bug Fixed


We now have the Samsung Galaxy Nexus back in stock at Clove Technology and we will begin shipping outstanding orders tomorrow. We are aware that the new stock has had an update applied to it to fix the volume bug that was present in some handsets from the previous batch of stock that we received. We would therefore expect the update to be available very soon for the earlier released handsets. If you are considering an order the the Galaxy Nexus, we would recommend placing an order ASAP as we are experiencing huge demand for this handset, which will compete with the SGS2 for the most popular handset that we have seen in 2011.

Update: The stock that we received last week has not had the volume bug fixed, please see the following post regarding this:


  1. Alex T says

    can you tell us the software version of the new phones please ?

    i really hope my order will be shipped asap, 1st of December is our National Day in Romania and nobody is working, not even fedEx :).

    thanks in advance!

  2. Abo Sultan says

    How you trust. It is difficult to do hardwear fix rathar thank do minor update fix.

    Ckove pls do video test!

    • says

      There is little to be achieved from doing further tests. With the initial batch of stock, the problem was only present in some handsets rather than all of them, so testing a few from the new batch will not give a definitive answer as to whether or not the problem has been resolved completely.

      • says

        XDA forums actually said it affected 100% of the phones pretty much. people who didn’t notice the problem was because they were never around the 900mhz frequency…