Samsung Galaxy Nexus Availability Update

In the world of smartphones, a device release date is not truly confirmed until stock actually begins shipping. This considered, we try to ensure that the information we provide is as accurate as possible by relaying the messages that we receive from manufacturers. This update regarding the availability of the Galaxy Nexus has come directly from Samsung, as have our previous updates and estimated arrival dates.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is still set to begin its launch on the 17th November. However, our first stock here at Clove is now expected on Wednesday 23rd November. This will be part of the first batch of SIM-FREE stock that is available in the UK. We cannot confirm at this stage whether or not other SIM-free retailers will receive their stock on the 23rd or at a later date.

The estimated arrival date of the 23rd November is still of course subject to change. We will keep you updated with any further changes to the situation regarding the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and do our best to ship all orders at the earliest possible opportunity.


  1. fahad says

    Juust to correct your statement:
    in the world of samsung smartphones
    because this company is famous of delaying
    have u ever heard that apple delayed release date date of iiiphone ?
    this company will never reach level of apple in marketing

  2. Where'sMyGalaxyNexus? says

    Google should really have got this whole, announce-a-phone-with-launch-date sortedby now. This is tedious.
    I hope Clove only debit money once they’ve shipped the device. Please confirm this guys.

    • says

      No we charge for the order once price and a (nearby) release date are confirmed. Otherwise we would need to debit all orders the day that stock arrives which would slow down shipping a great deal, especially for a handset as popular as the Galaxy Nexus.

  3. Mark says

    Very upset about this news! Can’t believe Google / Samsung can do this to the people. Was so excited and now they drag the date to another week! :-( Lets hope there isn’t a further delay.

    It would be great is Clove to give us more status updates on the release date.

  4. Brian says

    I placed an order for this phone a few weeks ago.

    Is there any way to find out if I’ll get my phone as part or the first batch?

    Do you guys know how many you are getting on the 23rd or will it be a staggered delivery?

    • says

      We don’t have this information yet Brian, although the message we are receiving is positive with regards to stock. We’ll keep customers updated as much as possible as and when we receive information.

  5. Mr_Eee says

    I’m on pre-order too and disappointed, but let’s keep this in perspective… it is only a phone people!!! LOL