Samsung Galaxy Note Accessories–Now available to order

imageIf you are one of the owners of the new Samsung Galaxy Note, you can now order some accessories for delivery by the end of the month.

Available for order now are the desktop dock, car kit, MHL/HDMI adapter and stylus holder kit.

Samsung Galaxy Note MHL/HDMI Adaptor:

Samsung Galaxy Note Desktop Dock:



  1. Phil W says

    That’s not the Galaxy Note dock that you have pictured. I know, I have two of them (sorry, you’re late to the party with this one). The Note dock doesn’t have the buttons on the right side and has the port for the audio out (a hole) on the right not the left. Is this the S2 dock you’ve got an image of?
    It’s a good product though. It’s very nicely made and the Note fits in easily and securely(ish) without putting too much strain on the connector. When docked, the Note goes into a docked screen mode (defeatable) and can output the audio via a 3.5mm stereo jack socket (analog) on the rear (or not, it’s an option).

    The stylus holder kit seems a bit mad. Why not just make a pen that is conductive and has the button for £1 more and then the user wouldn’t have to faff about inserting the Note’s stylus … bizarre.

    • says

      Thanks Phil, I think we had the SGS2 image in there to give people a rough idea what to expect while we waited for Note images. It has now been amended.

      Yea I agree with the stylus holder kit, that way you could have the normal stylus and a spare larger one.