Nokia Lumia 800–No UK SIM-free stock until January

It’s bad news on the Nokia front this afternoon unfortunately. We can now confirm that the Nokia Lumia 800 will not be available SIM-free in the UK until January 2012, although it will still be launched in the UK on November 16th with a contract and will be available from selected stores. 

This is a real shame as we’re seeing massive interest in the first baby from the Nokia/Windows Phone marriage and we’re expecting it to be well received when it does launch. We will be contacting customers that have pre-ordered by email shortly.


  1. Ray says

    This is completely INCORRECT, a quick search will show your readers that it will be available from November 16th SIM free from at least Carphone Warehouse at £469.95 and on the 3 network at £399 in the UK. Regards Ray from Nokia

    • says

      Hi Ray,

      Thanks for your comment. From the message we received from Nokia yesterday, we understood that the Lumia will be made available to certain retailers such as the CPW to be sold with a contract, although I can see that it is now being offered SIM-free on the CPW website.