Samsung Galaxy Note Coming to Clove November 1st, £495 + VAT


It looks like Samsung may have realised the initial price of £559 for the Note was perhaps a little too high – it’s now been dropped to £495. And it’s a double dose of good news this morning as the release date has also been brought forward from the 17th November to the 1st November. The Samsung Galaxy Note isn’t without competition though – the newly announced Motorola RAZR and Samsung Galaxy Nexus will also be launching at the start of November, but it does have something to differentiate itself from the competition – a massive screen and built in stylus. Here’s a quick glance over the Note’s main features:

  • 5.3″ HD Super AMOLED Display
  • Smart Pen Stylus (included)
  • 1.4GHz Dual-Core Processor
  • Android 2.3 with TouchWiz S Pen
  • 16GB Internal Storage
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & Quad-Band 3G
  • GLONASS Technology for navigation
  • MicroSD Slot (up to 32GB)

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  1. Mike Paterson says:

    Now you are talking Chris…..
    That’s a better price and one which I can stomach.

    I’ve punched of an email to sales.


  2. Marius Dalacu says:

    Does It have NFC or not, like SGS2?

  3. John Welsh says:

    Will it be upgradeble to Android 4.0?

  4. Any news on which networks will stock it?

  5. Marius Dalacu says:

    Do you know the CPU type?

  6. Marius Dalacu says:

    Does it have Gyroscope?

  7. Marius Dalacu says:

    I saw a nice youtube video and just found that it has OTG ans MHL.
    Still not sure about gyroscope.

  8. Given that it’s “Super AMOLED” rather than “Super AMOLED Plus”, I guess this means that, like the original Galaxy S and new Nexus, this will have the two subpixel display rather than the “Plus” three subpixel system on the GS2. Bit of a shame, but probably not much of a sacrifice for the larger screen. This does look very nice and pocketable, and very tempting as a more compact replacement for my Flyer…

  9. Now the release dateisi is TBC!!!!!!!!

  10. Mike, my apologies you are right. Having spent the last 12 hours handling the razr I have clearly been brainwashed!!! The razr has super smiles advanced not the note

  11. I understand that the UK model you are selling does not have NFC but have noticed that the Official Samsung Spec at:
    states that it is optional. I have read that the NFC capability is part of the rear battery cover. Is there any possibility of obtaining the alternative battery cover so that the NFC is retro-upgradeable?

    • Hi Linday,

      Thanks for your comment.

      At the moment we have not heard about the alternative NFC cover being available, but would not rule its availability out altogether. If it is available to us we will of course make it available to customers.

  12. I have done the same as Marius; Please clarify.

  13. Why all this mystery about the SGN ?????

    • Pretty much the same level of mystery that surrounds all new phone releases; the same questions about NFC, uncertainty in shipping date and puzzlement over specs filled the pre-release discussions here on the Galaxy S 2!

  14. Marius Dalacu says:

    Why my previous post disappered ?!. In that post i was only asking if the phone will still be available on 1 of November for people that pre ordered.
    Please respond because my decision to preorder was based on statement issued by this blog post.

    • I have the same question as Marius – If the release was not going to be November 1st, I would not have placed my order yet as I would have got an extra months credit on my credit card!

      Is it still Nov 1st as I was advised (and previously listed) or has it changed for new buyers who may have missed the initial shipment?

      • Me too !!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Hi guys,

        We have been advised that the release dates need to be removed from the website. At this stage we still think the Note will be here early-mid November, but cannot promise it on the 1st. Apologies for the confusion, it is not intentional. Please contact if you would like your order refunded.

      • Mike Paterson says:

        I think the question customers will be asking Chris is ~ Those who Pre-Ordered for the 1st November shipments, were their credit cards debited when they placed their pre-order or did Clove simply put the credit card details on hold ready for when shipment takes place (which is the usual procedure from Clove).


        • I was surprised to see my credit card had actually been debited with the full amount when I placed the order. As my credit card “rollover” date is the end of the month, I think I may cancel my order and then re-order at the beginning of November so I get another 30 days credit.

          If I leave things the way they are at present, I will be paying my credit card company in advance for something I have not got and can’t be sure when I will get it.

        • Hi Mike,

          Yes orders will have been charged. Once we have a price and release date confirmed (within the near future), we begin taking payment for orders now. The situation with the release date of the Note is unfortunate, but we had already begun taking payment when the release date was posted as the 17th November. We are of course willing to refund customers upon request.

      • Mike Paterson says:

        Unfortunately due to the large pre-shipment orders that now take place, Clove can no longer place pre-orders on a ‘pending’ credit card transaction.
        Cards are now debited when the order takes place.

        If you think about this ~ although it may sound negative it does though ensure when the multiple stock arrives it does get sent out as fast as possible without the hold-ups in having to recontact the customers credit card company again to take funds from accounts.


      • Helo Mike.
        I’ve had a pre-order with you for weeks and today your sales department, in reply to my question, stated that NO money has been taken from my card as yet, That appears to be true.
        This doesn’t seem to tie in with your previous answer. Am I to presume that my pre-order is invalidated in some way? This is one of the weirdest purchasing experiences I’ve had in many a year.

        • Phil, you ordered before Mike (a regular customer). At the time of ordering we were not deducting funds from yours or any other customers cards because the final price and release date was not known. However now we have had final pricing and an expected release date we then changed our system for that product from not charging to now charging customers. Mike placed the order after this change and got charged. You have not been charged yet because you ordered earlier and we have to manually go and tell the system to charge you, which we have yet to do.

      • Thanks Jon, that makes perfect sense and I appreciate you taking the time to reply.

  15. Another nice video from Samsung advertsing the Note

  16. It seems that Netherlands have got their hands on galaxy note before we did ^^. I’m dying to see some user reviews for this phone.

  17. Well, is the release date still be confirmed on 1st or 17th November? What about international customers, all the same conditions as the UK customers still apply? What about the availability of the product after it has been released? I’m afraid of the out-of-stock problem. Is pre-order necessary?

  18. Mike Paterson says:

    Good…. I would imagine that bodes well for a UK release within the next week.


  19. Samsung to launch Galaxy Note on Nov 2 in India.

    Any new news about the release date in the UK????

  20. Steven Pickles says:

    I ordered mine today, hoping it arrives very soon as I have been looking forward to this phone for some time.

  21. According to Samsung at the London release event there WILL be a 32Gb version and that’s what I’m most interested in. However, Clove’s pre-order process only indicated a 16Gb version so where does that leave me I wonder?
    There’s also going to be a white version but that doesn’t interest me. Allegedly the standard colour is blue … it looks grey.

  22. Nov 2nd release for the UK, confirmed by Samsung.

  23. Thanks phil, will it be available. at clove. on the 2nd?

  24. The Official Samsung London Launch at Battersea Power Station on 27th October 2011 gave the UK availability of the Galaxy Note as 2nd November 2011.

    They said it would be available in Dark Blue or White and also stated that 16 and 32

    Germany and the Netherlands were also announced as 29th October but as some of you will already have seen, it is already in stores there. There is a fast rollout across Europe as the France is 1st November and there are one or two additional countries nearly every day until late November.

    The Galaxy Nexus launch date was also given as 17th November 2011 with a later “Global” launch.

  25. I was distracted ….. They said it would be available in Dark Blue or White and also stated that 16 and 32 Gb versions would be available. There was no mention of the NFC “option” and it may well be that the UK will never see an NFC version or a 32Gb version – they did not give specs available on a country by country basis.

    • Hi Guys,

      Thanks for your coverage of the Samsung event this evening! Looks like our dates of the 17th for the Nexus and 1st for the Note were fairly close. We should be able to answer all questions regarding availability, colour and internal storage tomorrow. If the 32GB version is available SIM-free we will of course give customers the opportunity to alter their order before shipping.

  26. still waiting for Clove feedback!!!!

  27. Mike Paterson says:

    Well, what did I say above ~ UK stock would be available next week and bang on queue ~ Galaxy Note stock due 3rd November. :)


  28. Now the release date is removed from their site, TBC!!!

  29. Mike Paterson says:

    Yes, I see what you mean……
    Jon, Chris….. what’s going on at Clove?


  30. Mike Paterson says:

    You really do need to get a handle on this Guys.
    What is going on with the Note’s expected date?



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