Motorola RAZR Coming to Clove 1st November – £379 + VAT


Following Motorola’s announcement of the Droid RAZR, we can confirm that we are expecting the UK variant, the Motorola RAZR, to arrive into stock on November 1st, priced at £379 (454.80 inc. VAT).

The name RAZR is well recognised thanks to Motorola’s handsets of old and we have no doubt that the new RAZR will be the perfect ambassador for the well-respected brand name.

Featuring a 1.2 GHZ processor and 1GB of RAM, the RAZR is a powerful device to say the least. It will come running Android Gingerbread 2.3.5 (not Ice Cream Sandwich as some had expected), but will likely see an update to ICS not too long after release.

The RAZR has the kind of solid build you would expect from Motorola, with a Kevlar coated back cover for extra protection. However, despite its solid form factor, the RAZR has a ridiculously slim profile – measuring just 7.1mm in thickness. Added to this is a 4.3” Super AMOLED display with 960 x 540 resolution, an 8MP rear facing camera and an HD front facing cam.

Check back to the Clove Blog over the next couple of days for plenty of RAZR content, including hands-on videos and pics.

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  1. Very well planned Clove (and moto) getting this up and to market so quickly and at a reasonable price.

    The build materials, the specs, the crazy thinness, all impressive.

    The software is a bit of a shame. ICS would have been nice as I don’t know if I’d trust Moto to update the UK model given their history.

    Anyway, looks like I won’t have my HTC Sensation for long. The question is will I want this, the Galaxy Nexus (which I fear may end up overpriced) or the upcoming Nokia Windows Phone (which I fear may not feel ‘high-end’ enough).

    Exciting times :-)

    • Thanks.

      Yes spoiled for choice at the moment, really like the looks of the RAZR – should have some hands on videos going up soon.

  2. We will be selling the SIM-free version, but can’t say at this stage whether or not the bootloader will be unlocked.


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