Smartphone–The gateway to the internet–but be wary–keep protected

A article in Mobile Business News says that research shows 4 in 5 smartphone users are regularly accessing the internet on their phone for social networking, mobile banking, general web browsing and more. 

Of those surveyed 92% protected their PC’s against viruses but 1 in 3 were not aware a virus can attack a smartphone and almost half were not aware that they should be protecting their smartphone.

Now, smartphone viruses or threats are incredibly small, and the majority can get away with no protection, but with the increase in mobile devices with internet connections, it is only a matter of time before protection is necessary and the threat of a virus grows.

However the study highlighted that almost half of those surveyed were not backing up their devices. Virus or not, this is essential should your phone become damaged or stop functioning or get stolen.

Ok, so it might not be the end of the world if you haven’t backed it up, life goes on, but it is a hassle, especially if you are like one of the 25% who are using it as a business tool where customer data is on the device and vulnerable to loss and theft.

Thus BlackBelt Smartphone Defence a mobile protection specialist recommend even at the minimum enable PIN or passwords on your smartphone like you would for your PC.

On top of this you should be looking at backing up your data and potentially investing in security packages. You can find out more about mobile device protection HERE.

Here at Clove we are pretty good at at least protecting our devices with PIN’s/Passwords and backing up key critical data – what about you.  What is your backup like?