[REVIEW] Case Mate Barely There Brushed Silver Aluminium Case for the BlackBerry Bold 9900


I recently purchased a BlackBerry Bold 9900 and naturally when we buy something expensive and new we want to protect it. I got my hands on a Case Mate Barely There Brushed Aluminium Case for my 9900. I opted for this particular case instead of the others because the clue was in the title “Barely There” – I didn’t want a big and bulky case that looked ugly and made the device feel huge in my hand. The Barely There case was a perfect fit for my Bold and had all the relevant cut outs so you could access your Micro USB port, stereo headphone jack, volume keys without having to completely remove the case. The cut outs on the back as shown in the diagram for your camera and flash were well placed an accurate.

The overall feel of the case was smooth and comfortable but maybe too smooth; it didn’t feel as good to grip as say a rubber skin or soft shell for instance – it felt slightly loose in my hand but that would of been down to the plastic with the coating that made it feel perhaps too smooth. The overall protection of the case is brilliant it covers the whole back and sides of the device leaving the relevant cut outs as mentioned before and definitely protects my Bold 9900 from bumps and scratches.

To conclude – I would recommend this case as it is smooth and subtle; It definitely lives up to its title of “Barely There” whilst at the same time protecting the device to the maximum. Highly recommended!

Interested in purchasing this case mentioned in the article; then grab one here from Clove Technology today.

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