Samsung Galaxy Note–First stock expected November


We’ve had a lot of interest in Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy Note smartphone. So much so that we’re being asked on a daily basis for an approximate release date. We can now confirm that the first stock of the 5.3” beast is due to be here late November. At the moment the price remains unconfirmed, but it is likely to be around the indicative price of £500 + VAT that we have listed on the website. We currently have the Galaxy Note open to pre-order, so if you place an order at this stage you will not be charged and will be given a chance to confirm your order before it is charged and dispatched. We’ll get updates posted as soon as we have a more precise ETA and confirmed price.


  1. Mike Paterson says

    I’m tempted… yes, I’m tempted….. Oh I’m nearly there.
    Go away Apple.. stop interfering with ‘sales’.
    Will it come on time.. Will it, won’t it ~ that is the question!

    Come on Samsung… I’ve purchased your Galaxy S, Galaxy SII, Galaxy Tab but now I’m using an Asus Transformer and I have been bitten.

    Samsung, you need to pull me back in. I love the way Samsung interacts with my Samsung TV’s. I can’t get that with Asus, so yes you have me at your mercy there.

    The size of your products is beautiful and the weight makes my pockets feel comfy.

    Innovation is in your adverts and innovation is what you do get with a Samsung product…. but oh how I wish you would drop Samsung Kies for updates… That is what I call a major flaw in other than what I perceive as a magical item of technology.

    To be or not to be…. that is the question….. Here we go again. :)

    • Diane Whatever says

      I pre-ordered today for shipping to the USA. It is pricey but it could be the PERFECT gadget. I have the Dell Streak – Same size but don’t really like it. Put it on a shelf and am using my iPhone again. Any way, I bit the bullet, paid the price NOW because the closer it gets to the holidays the less money I have in the bank.

      Sure hope this will work in the USA with Tmobile. I don’t care really about 3G or 4G .. as long as it works.


  2. Quarish says

    Price is too much but I gonna pre-order it in october. Maybe even 2 quantity. This is my dream PDA.
    It is hoped that it will appear at the beginning of November?

  3. Tom S. says

    Do you guys know whether this has MHL like the S2? What about Gorilla Glass?

    Both of those are missing from Samsung’s official spec page, but gsmarena has both included. Could you pull some strings & confirm please? Thanks :)

  4. Fred says

    Any clue about the 7.7 tab? Does the stylus work on the 7.7 tab as well? I am quite interested by this given the actual accuracy of the stylus, but 7.7″ seems a much better size for writing…

    • says

      Not sure about that Fred, but will ask the question of Samsung when possible. It would make sense for the stylus to be compatible with other Samsung touch screen devices, although the Galaxy Note does have S Pen, a version of TouchWiz modified specifically for stylus use.

  5. Paul degiovanni says

    Can U.S. customers pre order? Does anyone know what frequency this phone will come with, I’m on T-Mobile here in the U.S. Wondering if this will make it state side..

    • says

      Hi Paul,

      Yes U.S customers are welcome to pre-order. The Galaxy Note is quad-band GSM and 3G so should work with most US carriers, although we would advise you to check the frequencies that your carrier operates on before ordering.

      • paul degiovanni says

        Hi, Thanks for getting back so fast..again,,not sure if you know but T-Mo operates at 1700/2100 MHZ HSPA/HSPA+ for 3g/4g will this device work for me? I hate to invest $700 + us dollars on a 2g phone..Thanks again..Cheers

  6. says

    I like the look of this a lot. I nearly ended up buying an SGS2, but the fact it’s not an HD screen put me off, even though it’s available quite cheaply now.

    I just need to see it reviewed first…

    • says

      At the moment we can not give a specific price because the price is still to be confirmed. But you are looking at approximately £37 shipping cost with DHL courier to Pakistan on top of the final sale price.

  7. Diane Whatever says

    As of now I own the iPhone, iPad, Dell Streak AWS and the Samsung Galaxy Tab (phone enabled.) If I had to keep only one, it would be the Galaxy Tab. I hope to add the Note to my collection of keeper gadgets. Gotta be T-Mobile though. 3G 4G or plain old Edge. I want this phone !!

    • Mike Paterson says

      As I mentioned in the first replied post; Kies is the killer for me.
      I have had (still have the Galaxy SII) several Samsung phones/Tablets and on each Kies has been it’s pitfall.
      It’s not the fact it is cumbersome or lame to have to be tied to a PC to update the phone it’s just that Kies for me has damaged all but one of my hardware items…. and the only reason it has not damaged the remaining one is because I have refused to connect the Galaxy SII to Kies for fear it will do the same again.

      I find it unbelievable Samsung continue to use Kies for firmware updates, especially when others do it over the air.

      My Asus Transformer has had three OTA updates, each sailed through on the calmest of waters.
      Kies on the other hand treats the hardware like a Force 10 Gale Warning.

      So, will I get a Samsung Note…… Mmmm, it will take an awful lot to convince me this time.


  8. Diane Whatever says

    Pre-order purchased yesterday. 16 gigs is going to cost 700 US dollars .. 32 gigs was 800 US dollars. I think that is correct. £494.98 for 16 gigs.

  9. russelle says

    how can i pre order it to philippines??? i really want this by october?? can someone assured me of the transactions regarding the shifting??? thank you :))

  10. Bob says

    I have read the Note may be delayed as Sammy looking to sign up carriers before launch, with no agreements currently in hand. Anyone have any info regarding this, is it true? Perhaps referencing U.S.? I am slightly concerned the Note won’t be available before end of November, although Clove CO UK is usually always very accurate with their information.Information is non existent on the internet.


    • says

      There is a lot of rumour and conflicting reports it is hard to know what is right and I think internally there are some mixed messages with Samsung. So far we are led to believe from reliable sources that late November is the plan, but this can all change. Needless to say we will do our best to keep everyone up to date.

  11. Diane Whatever says

    I think this is the phone that will finally allow me to sell my iPhone. I have tried a lot of phones but end up selling them and going back to my iphone. I know that if I had to get rid of my Galaxy Tab or iPad, the iPad would be the one to go.

  12. Chris Hubber says

    I am Samsung user and I love how it interacts on my Samsung TV. But when Asus has been release, the transformer one makes me confused which one is the best to use on. Asus support like toolbar icons.

  13. ires mae says

    i want this galaxy note.. how much does it cost me if i will buy and ask you to deliver in phils? is it already available? thanks!

  14. Manus says

    I am also interest galaxy note, please let me know how much does it cost if you deliver by DHL to Thailand and when you can deliver if I place order today.


  15. Diane says

    I tried to order this morning but it wouldn’t accept my USA credit card. Tried 2 of them .. both should have worked.