HTC Hogging Android UK Market Share


Some interesting figures published in a Comscore Press Release today show that 50.9% of UK Android smartphones are manufactured by HTC. That figure on its own is impressive enough, but when you compare it to the share of its nearest rival, Samsung (at 21.6%), it shows just how well HTC is doing for itself in the UK market. However, Samsung does make up for its lower UK market share by beating HTC in France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Third in terms of UK market share is Sony Ericsson with a modest 17.4%, while LG comes in third with 3.5% and Motorola comes in 5th with just 2.1%.

No doubt Chinese manufacturer HTC will be looking to eat into the share of all five of these, with the release of its latest devices due later this month.

Via Coolsmartphone

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