ZTE Skate, Tureis & Libra–Price and availability confirmed


We can today confirm the final sale price and availability dates of the ZTE Skate, Libra and Tureis.

ZTE Tureis – £120 + VAT – Due 16th September

ZTE Libra – £139 + VAT – Due 9th September

ZTE Skate – £188 + VAT – Due 16th September

All three devices run vanilla Android with no customisation.  They are not the most powerful devices and do not sport dual core processors etc. but they offer very affordable performance. 

The best device is the ZTE Skate costing just over £200 including VAT, you get a 4.3” touchscreen, WiFi, 3G/HSPA, 800MHz processor, Android 2.3, 5 megapixel camera and more – that is pretty good you will have to agree.

The Tureis takes on the HTC ChaCha and BlackBerry 8520, whilst the Libra is in HTC Desire territory.

If you are looking for a cheap smartphone, but want reliability then ZTE could be an option…if you are into hacking and modifying devices then the ZTE Skate to be a hackers dream device!