HP Pre 3–RUMOURED price drop update–IMPORTANT






You may have recently placed an order for a HP Palm Pre 3 or been following the Clove website and blog for news on the apparent price drop on this smartphone.

You will no doubt be aware of both HP’s initial announcement to cease production and sale of the Web OS devices including the Pre 3 and the “fire sale” of products which began in the US.

We have been in conversation with the UK HP distributor over the last few days in what has become a very frustrating situation for all of us.

No decision has come from HP, but we think it is likely that the Pre 3 will NOT be offered to our sales channel and all the stock is likely to be handled by HP direct as they decide how to move on the stock of both the devices and accessories.

We have therefore this morning taken the decision to CANCEL all back orders for the Pre 3 and refund those customers who paid in advance for the Pre 3. Any orders placed with Clove for the Pre 3 will not ship. The Pre 3 has also been taken off sale on the website.

If the situation changes we would inform all customers who placed a back order as a priority, but we think this is unlikely to change.

We can only apologise for what has been a difficult and confusing time for all of us and we have tried to keep you informed as best we can during this period.

The cancellation of the order (if you have one with us) will take place today and the refund will also be processed today. Please note that it may take up to 7 days for the refund to show on your account.

We would of course hope that you will come back to us when you are ready to make a new purchase for an alternative Smartphone.

NOTE:  If you were too interested in or had an order for the HP TouchPad, the situation is the same.  All orders have been cancelled, money will be refunded and the product removed from sale on the Clove website.






HP Touchpad – Unlikely to see stock of these at the reduced price here at Clove, but optimistic.  Demand is high through major high street stores for stock. 

HP Pre 3 – Still no decision – Conversations are taking place but many contractual issues that require signing off by various teams/persons which complicates the situation.

We are aware that Palm Eurostore has announced that any decision regarding stock availability has been delayed until Friday. We cannot confirm as to whether or not this is the case and how it will affect ourselves, but at this stage all retailers await the same information from HP. We appreciate your patience with the situation and will do our best to keep you as up to date as possible.

For customers that have outstanding orders for the Pre 3 & Touchpad with Clove:

Your order is not guaranteed. We will only be able to fulfil your order should stock be made available to us by HP. This is the information we await at the moment – when/if stock will be available and at what price we will be in contact with you.


We have today been in-undated with calls, emails and order for the HP Pre 3 on the assumption that the price will be coming down based on RUMOURS on the web.

These have spiralled, and it is thought that there will be a price drop, but the new price and accurate stock availability HAS NOT BEEN confirmed.

We have subsequently disabled the buy facility on our website and will re-instate this only when the situation has been confirmed by HP.

We are currently awaiting official written confirmation from HP that the price is dropping and what the new price will be.

Any orders placed will be held and not shipped until there is clarity on the situation. Anyone who has placed an order will be contacted when we have this information and any price changes communicated and applied.

Those who have orders already will get priority on any stock that does come through and when the buy facility is re-enabled it will be a purely first come first serve basis.

Anyone who has yet to place an order need to wait until such time as confirmation on the situation has been made by HP.

PLEASE DO NOT call or email as the message given will be the same as this. We can not change or control the situation at this time.

This situation affects all UK retailers and they are in the same position!



  1. karnka says

    If you don’t answer as you’re swamped, fair enough, but I just wanted to ask if there’s any chance you’ll end up with any TouchPads?

  2. John says

    Are there any pre 3 available in stock or have them all been ordered? i.e, should i wait for a the new price at clove.com or are you totally out of stock?

    • says

      There is lots of stock available from HP distribution centrally but until HP make a decision we do not know how many we will get. We have requested a large amount.

      • karnka says

        Bit sad that HP seem to have dealt with the big guys (like DSG) first and left the smaller retailers hanging, especially given the way yourselves and expansys have supported them recently.

      • karnka says

        One other thought… If there were any English kb veers available that would be a great little phone to take places…

        • says

          lol indeed it would. Not aware of any, and doubt we will see any. A few internal testing models may pop up on ebay.

      • karnka says

        Saw a few German Veers around but I don’t think I could cope with the Z and Y being the wrong way round :)

  3. Rayjaul Choudhury says

    Hi there, Can you somehow update me, When pre-order is available for the pre 3? If so how.. Please reply

  4. FirdenSyme says

    Do you know if my existing 02 sim card in my Palm Pre will fit in the HP Pre 3?

    If not I won’t keep pressing F5 for the whole evening:)

  5. says

    I placed an order for the Pre3 – just want to confirm that as you’re holding the orders, that you’re also simply holding an authorisation for the higher value funds too…and that I’ll be contacted prior to a sale progressing?

    • says

      We are holding the order. We will require all customers to reply prior to shipping. The authorization is held on the higher amount as no price drop has yet been confirmed.

  6. i3 says

    how do you register on the clove site? it is telling me that the email is invalid whichever email address i try.

    • says

      We were trying a new email validation tool that was proving a bit problematic. Now sorted so you can try again.

  7. says

    Thanks Guys – really appreciate the speed of the answer. I’m sure you guys must be sick of hearing about all of this today – it will really be detracting away from your ‘normal’ day. Anyway – just wanted you to know that your time and efforts are being appreciated :)

    • says


      Thanks for the comments. It certainly has distracted us from a normal day. Adds to the fun, bit a bit tiresome telling everyone who calls the same message.

  8. Tom Bodenham says

    If I buy this phone, could I use my current sim-card which is currently tied into a contract with an iphone 3Gs? (sim-card is Vodafone)

    • says

      Very much doubt it…whilst HP intend to drop their laptop range, this will be more phased and over a longer period. Thankfully we do not sell HP laptops!

  9. sabz says

    Hi I want to buy 2 HP tablets 64gb and 2 palm pre 3 phones. please let me know when I can do this with the reuduced price.

    • says

      Sabz, Please keep viewing this post for an update. It is unlikely we will get Touchpads. We should have news on the Pre 3 today.

  10. Kennith says


    Thanks for the update about the pre3.

    What about the touchpad? Will you be selling the touchpad at the reduced price also after the decision is made?

    • says

      We do not think we will be getting the touchpad. Led to believe the majority were moved into the DSGI group.

  11. says

    The Pre 3 will work in the middle east but there may be issues with market place and 3G signal depending upon your network operator.

  12. Darryl says

    Any news available yet? HP have updated the euro Palm store with the following:

    Update Wed 24th 10am : Sorry, No stock will be available for order for the remainder of this week. Next Update: Fri 26th 10am. Customer Service staff will not have any further information – it will be communicated directly here on this page.

    Does this affect you guys?

  13. Jake says

    What the f***? No wonder HP is dropping an entire division – they cant even make a decision on how to get rid of unwanted stock. HP is ran by utter morons and I hope they go bankrupt.

    • Keletso says

      Just want to say what a great job you guys are doing keeping us all updated,that’s why the majority of us keep coming back for our smartphone requirements;the customer service at Clove is top notch!

  14. angus says

    HP is liking this publicity stunt, enjoy it while they can, its all quite on purpose as they were unhappy with the lukewarm interest in the beginning

  15. Jose says

    Great job guys for all the updates.Hope I will get a Pre 3 at the end of all this :):) Cheers from India

  16. Bailey says

    Not being rude clove but why wouldn’t reduce your the Touchpad. Who now is really going to buy it at full price. It just isn’t worth it

    • says

      Unfortunately it is not quite that simple. We have to consider our losses. We are not likely to be able to get any stock at the new lower price thus we will not be reducing the price and the product has in turn been removed from our website.

  17. says

    thanks guys – sorry we couldn’t do business this time – but will come back to you in the near future when my current contract is up.

    • says

      Thanks Tony, we’ve had positive feedback from many people, even though they are disappointed. Look forward to hearing from you again.

  18. derrick says

    wow…this has been the best customer service I’ve ever came across….Clove you guys rock…..I really looking to purchase a pre 3 from you guys…I live in the States do you guys ship to us? My TP is lonely….! I can’t get txt messages on my touchpad wit my hp veer…..just phone calls.

  19. Derrick says

    Wipe out HP’s inventory Clove do you guys realize how many Customers you guys will have from the States now that the Pre 3 won’t make it to the U.S plus its been confirmed that it works on At&T 3G bands in the states…please! Please! Let me no when a shipment comes in I’ll pay reg price for it…& pretty sure others from the states would too….Webos is not dead!!! Just the hardware!

    • says

      Thanks for the kind comments Derrick. We would of course ship to the states if stock was available to us! Did you manage to pick up your TouchPad in the US firesale or did you have one already?

  20. patrick says

    hi Clove, i live in Ghana which is located in West-Africa. Pls am interested in this HP Pre 3. I can afford to buy when the price drops but don’t know how to order from Africa. I need help before they officially allow sale. Thanks

  21. patrick says

    HI Clove. I’m interested in this HP Pre 3 phone. I can afford it when the price is reduced but I don’t know how I can order it since I live in Ghana which is in West-Africa. Pls I need a solution before they officially sell the slashed price phones

    • says

      Hi Patrick,

      Unfortunately we are unlikely to have stock available at the cut price, so I’m not sure that we will have a solution for you.