NFC (Near Field Communication) Tag / QR (Quick Response) Demo

We have kindly been sent some custom Clove NFC/QR tags by Paul Lakeman of These are pretty special, not only is the QR code custom designed with the Clove logo and colours, it also has an NFC tag attached to it. The logic of these tags is to assist with the rollout of NFC – for those that don’t have an NFC device (currently anyone who owns a phone other than the Samsung Nexus S), the URL embedded in the NFC tag can still be accessed via the QR code using a barcode scanner. We should start to see more NFC enabled content (such as posters) start to crop up as more NFC enabled devices are released. The next NFC enabled device to launch in the UK will be the BlackBerry Bold 9900 next month. Checkout the video below for a demo of the NFC and QR code in action. For anymore info on Smart Posters and NFC, see the links below.


For more info on NFC Technology and its various applications, visit:

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