Backup and remotely control your Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy S II, Wave. Tab 10.1 & Tab 8.9 with SamsungDive

imageToday we rely more and more on our mobile technology and we really miss it when it is gone.

The unfortunate situation is that the more hectic lifestyle we lead and the more chance we have of mislaying our phones and there is the increased theft of consumer electronics which can often mean we are without our technology when we need it most.

Not only this, but because of expensive smartphone contracts, important data both personal and for business we need to do more to ensure the wrong hands do not get hold of this.

There are a number of 3rd party applications that can help and many smartphone manufacturers are now getting involved, the latest being Samsung.

They have developed SamsunDive which could be a life saver if you are a Samsung owner.


What is SamsungDive?

SamsungDive is an online portal through which you can remotely control your smartphone or tablet PC provided you have registered as a user and activated the service prior to the loss or theft of the Samsung product.

How does it work?

It uses the known mobile number of the device as well as your unique device ID to track the product.  Providing your SIM remains in the device upon less or theft these services will work.

Please note these are tools that can assist you in finding your phone and we do not recommend hunting down the new occupier (if stolen) personally.  You may choose to seek assistance from the Police but give them further information obtained via this service.

What does it allow me to do?

The exact things that you can do will vary between devices based on their capabilities and hardware etc, but the service looks to provide where possible:


  • The ability to find your mobile – It will give you the GPS position of your phone.
  • Track your mobile – It will give you the GPS position of your phone for 12 hours at intervals of 15 minutes


  • Lock your mobile with a message & restrict calls – You can lock your device screen and include a message of up to 100 characters.  The user can not access the phone functions other than to call one number which you will enter from the web based portal. A lock and unlock pin will be requested so only you can unlock the phone when you get it back.
  • Remotely activate the sound/Ring your mobile – As it suggests, you can ring the mobile and try and scare off the current occupier, speak to the person who has the phone or try and hunt it down within your home or office if you know that is where you left it!
  • View the call log – Retrieve the call logs of the device and see if you can track your device down that way.
  • Wipe the device remotely – The more extreme but potentially safest option if you have sensitive data on the device, this option removes all data on the device so that someone can not access it.


What are the benefits?

You can have hope of finding your device again where once upon a time you had no hope.  Simple methods which may help the innocent person who found your phone return it or scare off that person who decided to steal it!

You can in a worst case wipe the device so at least you know your data is safe.

It is free.

What are the drawbacks?

It is not guaranteed to get your device back.

You need to have registered prior to loss and the service requires that your SIM card is still in the device after being lost or stolen.

Is it a paid for service?

No it is free to Samsung device owners.

What devices can you use SamsungDive on?

At the time of writing the supported devices are:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9
  • Samsung Galaxy S II
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Samsung Wave

For more information visit Samsung Dive:


  1. Amr says

    hey all

    if i were a thief, the first thing i would do is to remove the SIM card.
    but it is good start though, may be he will be greedy theif