Samsung Galaxy Q Rumoured:5.3” Super AMOLED smartphone-tablet cross over

The news coming out of Yahoo Korea this morning is that Samsung is working on a new device that will bridge the gap between tablets and smartphones. It’s reported that the Samsung Galaxy Q will feature a 5.3” super AMOLED display and will be unveiled at IFA 2011 this September in Berlin.

The biggest screen size available in the UK market at the moment is currently 4.3-inches, as can be found on the Samsung Galaxy S 2, LG Optimus 3D, HTC Sensation and Sony Ericsson XPERIA ARC. There is also a slightly larger phone available in the US, the Samsung Infuse 4G, which has a 4.5” display (pictured below).

Personally I’m not sure about a 5.3” screen – too big for a phone, but too small for a tablet? I’d be interested to hear from some Dell Streak owners – one of the first Android tablets to launch in the UK – to hear their thoughts on a device that size. 


Via Geeky Gadgets

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  1. I suspect the key here could be the aspect ratio.

    If we take the Sensation, it seems far more pocket-able than say the Desire HD or the HD2 because it has a widescreen 16:9 resolution so seems somewhat slimmer than the more traditional ratio.

    If you look at the upcoming Iconia Smart:

    It’s a similar concept to this Samsung phone-blet, a bigger, wider screen, but not as much bigger as you might be expecting.

    • Yea that’s certainly true about the Sensation feeling more pocketable, I think 4.3″ is on the edge of being truelly pocketable though. Granted you could fit something even as big as the Flyer in a jacket pocket, but I think a 5.3″ device would push it a bit too far in terms of convenience.