HP Pre 3 not dual-core after all


We reported on Friday that the HP Pre 3 processor may have been changed to 1.2GHz dual-core, as was stated on the official HP page for the Pre 3. Unfortunately this was an error on the HP Page, which has now been changed to state that the Pre 3 will come with a Qualcomm MSM 8×55 1.4 GHz processor. As Chris Davies of Slashgear points out:

That [Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-CPU APQ8060 1.2GHz/td] would be an odd choice of processor: the APQ lacks integrated cellular, unlike the MSM line. Qualcomm intends APQ chips for non-3G tablets like the HP TouchPad, which makes me wonder whether someone at HP accidentally copied over some text into the wrong listing.

The single-core processor is further confirmed by PreCentral, which has a pre-release unit at the moment. Unfortunately they cannot shed any further light on what is taking the Pre 3 so long to launch, but they have posted this first hands-on video with the Pre 3.


  1. says

    HP might feel the heat to follow-up the Pre 3 with a dual-core handset now that so many blogs and news sites have heralded the supposed new processor. Does anyone agree?

    • Aamprivate says

      They certainly must be feeling the heat to release the Pre3 as is, but are obviously not up to the task. Not sure what they can do even if they felt the heat for a dual core processor.

      In any case they would need to spend a lot of time optimizing WebOS2 for dual core architecture – given how slow they are in just bug-fixing the existing OSes they have out the door, and how they have to spend time improving OS3 on the TP, they would be rather silly to embark on yet another adventure giving their stretched programmers even more work.

  2. fred jenkins says

    hp want everyone to leave them. i love them for many yrs and now i think it might be better to go some where else for they really seem not to care for the people that love them