Android Market Reaches 4.5 Billion App Downloads


The Android Market has now hit 4.5bn app downloads to date, according to Google’s mobile ad sales director Ian Carrington. That figure is up from 1bn 12 months ago and, according to Carrington, 1bn of the 4.2bn downloads were generated in just 60 days.

The latest figures were revealed at this afternoon’s Think Mobile event, which Google used to unveil its new Google Mobilise (Google Sites Mobile Landing Pages) service. The Google Mobilise service provides templates for small and medium sized businesses to create mobile versions of their websites. This service bucks the trend of other new Google services as it will be launching first in the UK, rather than the US. This is based on research showing that 28% of British mobile users have used their phone to make a purchase.

If you have not done so already, be sure to check out the Clove Mobile Site, which launched earlier this year.

Via The Guardian