Upcoming battle of the titans: Samsung Galaxy SII Vs HTC Sensation – what do you want to know?

If you’re reading this post theres a very good chance that you’re currently weighing up which of these pieces of Android hotness will find its home in your pocket. You’re not alone. Not by a long shot.

I’d like to help. I’ll be in an excellent position to do just that tomorrow, as my Sensation cleared customs this morning!  UPDATE: I have my Sensation now! Once its recovered from its jetlag and I’ve had a few days to get grips with it, I’m going to put it into battle with my current handset, the Samsung Galaxy SII (#therecanbeonlyone).

Naturally I’ll be covering all the basics you’d expect, with the requisite photo and video proof, but what I’d really like to know is whether there are specific things prospective buyers facing this decision want to know. By that I mean are there specific needs/wants you have, even small things, that potentially make or break the decision for you? The kinds of small things you haven’t seen answered in any of the comparisons floating around major tech sites, or that only a genuine user of both handsets is really in a position to answer.

So, if you’ve got some burning questions nows your chance: drop me a line in the comments section below.

(PS: I’m tracking my package with the excellent app “Parcels”, if you’re like me and you often have things being shipped in from overseas its pure gold – set it to check the status of your shipment at the frequency you want and it’ll give you notifications when the status changes! If it doesn’t show in the Market where you are, and you’re Rooted, then get Market Enabler from the Android Market and choose a US carrier – when you pop back into the Market you’ll be able to see “Parcels”)


  1. Amit Bedi says

    Hi i think you are comparing wrong phone , you should compare Sensation with Incredible S or SE ARC as i am using Sensation & it is much slower than Incredible S, I think its problem with Qualcomm MSM 8260 not with HTC. MSM 8255 is much better & superior than MSM 8260 HTC should talk to Qualcomm regarding this as sale of Sensation is very poor compared to Galaxy S2 infact GS2 is always out of stock.

  2. thehtc123 says

    I’m using the HTC Sensation, on SK in South Korea… lightening fast – I wasn’t tempted to get the Galaxy S II as it’s just not a nice looking phone… I was torn between the Sensation and the Ericsson Xperia Arc, which is slick… but in the end I went for power.

    The MarketEnabler doesn’t work on the Sensation (yet?), which is unfortunate for me as South Korea have made Google pull ALL games from the market!

    • Mike Paterson says

      The Sensation may be a better looking phone but it does not improve on it’s usability.

      • Murray says

        My thoughts exactly, but each to their own – there are lots of people for whom looks are a significant factor in their decision making!

    • Murray says

      Nope, Market Enabler does not work for the Sensation since there is no way to Root a Sensation yet due to HTC’s locked bootloaders. HTC reversed their bootloader policy recently due to pressure from users, so hopefully Root and its benefits like Market Enabler will be available to Sensation owners soon.

      I’m not so swayed by looks as you appear to be, so thats not going to be so much a part of my comparison, but obviously I will touch on that.

  3. Ross says

    It’s probably going to come too late for me (my upgrade is due this Friday (1st July), but what I’ve gathered from all the reviews I’ve read so far is that these two “scratch different itches”. So maybe the review could look at how to overcome the perceived weaknesses of each phone:

    With the Sensation maybe theres’ a case or a screen shield that can prevent dust getting under the screen. Is there any way to reduce the Sense bloat / drag to bring the speed nearer to the Galaxy? Does the lesser RAM really have any real-world implications?

    With the Galaxy maybe there are apps, themes and ROMs that can be used to bring Touchwiz nearer to Sense in terms of aesthetic appeal. And maybe a well-chosen case can give the phone a bit more of a classy ‘heft’ to it.

    And with both I’d like to see what the true battery life is like, in a variety of usage profiles (pure standby, standby + some calls, web browsing, video watching, music playback, and mixed light and heavy use).
    It feels to me that both these phones can seem to have abnormally bad battery usage if the battery has not been conditioned and cycled a few times, and if the phone’s background apps aren’t carefully monitored.

    Anyway, I’ll look forwarding to reading it!

    • Murray says

      Great comment.
      Will certainly look at all those things – couldn’t do “task-dedicated” battery testing in my SGSII review since it was my day-to-day phone (as the Sensation is now), but having two handsets I can swap my SIM out to do that this time around. Thanks for reminding me!