Motorola Droid/Milestone 3 Not Coming To UK

imageSome disappointing news this morning (although we have got some good Motorola news to follow) in that the recently leaked  Motorola Droid/Milestone 3 will not see a UK release. Of course, these things are open to change, but the message that we are receiving at the moment is that it will not be launched in the UK. As of yet we have not heard a reason for this decision, but perhaps UK sales of the Milestone 2 were not as high as Motorola expected. We heard yesterday that the HTC Desire Z has been discontinued, so perhaps the Android QWERTY slider form factor just hasn’t been that popular in the UK.

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  1. I have a Milestone 2 and 2 friends have one also. The hardware is lovely but MotoBlur seems very poor.


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  3. […] Clove has just posted on their blog that there are no plans to bring the Motorola milestone to the UK. In fact, it’s unlikely that any retailer will offer the device. I can’t say that this is a huge shocker since the previous Milestone device wasn’t greeted with open arms. Sales of the SIM-free unlocked version haven’t been as good as other Android devices. Don’t feel bad if you’re in the UK, this handset doesn’t have the horsepower to keep up with other devices that you can purchase now. I would go with the Atrix, Galaxy S II or the Sensation over this device anyway. //topsyWidgetPreload({ "url": "", "style": "small", "title": "Motorola Milestone isn't coming to the UK" }); Related posts:Samsung Galaxy Tablet coming soon to Vodafone UK?Samsung Galaxy Tab Offered By Amazon UK Londoners can get a “loaner” Galaxy Tab for 48 hoursSamsung Galaxy Tab price slashed to £449 at StaplesNexus S UK pre-orders open now?The HTC Pyramid will debut in the UK as the HTC Sensation? HTC Flyer will be £599.99 at Carphone WarehouseSamsung Galaxy S II launching April 27th? Posted in News Tagged With:   clove • motorola milestone 3 • uk /* */ /* */ […]

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