Galaxy S II Update Rolling Out

Quick. Get your utterly brilliant Samsung Galaxy S II and check for updates, it looks like extra battery life and camera improvements are ready to download. The update, which is available via Kies too, should give you better GPS accuracy and a performance boost too.

Source: XDA-Developers Via: Coolsmartphone

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  1. It also looks as though there may be an issue with Android 2.3.2 onwards on dual core processor devices, if the tweets of Mobile-Review’s Eldar Murtazin are genuine. There is certainly a much higher operating system CPU overhead on the GS2 than other Android devices, and this isn’t helping battery life. eg. today the OS on my GS2 consumed twice the power the screen did. It sounds as if they’ll need Android 2.3.4 to fix it, though.!/eldarmurtazin/status/72930533776175104