Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-I9100) USB OTG Demo–Connect a hard drive to your Samsung Galaxy S II

Murray Winiata is a die hard technology fan (from New Zealand) and a customer of Clove and he has been so eager to get his hands on a Samsung Galaxy S II ever since he heard about it.

This is the first of a few pieces he will be doing for us, many of which will answer the more technical customers questions!

The following video demonstrates USB on the go (OTG) capabilities of the Galaxy S II.  Connect a memory stick, hard drive and other items such as cameras using this technology.

The video also demonstrates how a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse can work with the device.

It is something a little different and shows the true capabilities of the Galaxy S II.

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  1. Very nice, thanks! Hadn’t realised there was good support for bluetooth mouse too, I’ll have to dig out my old ThinkOutside peripherals…

    • Yea some nice features tucked away in there! Feel free to fire across some photos/videos of them in action Ian.

      • If I find something cool I will; at the moment I’m struggling to find a cable just to get the USB OTG feature working. Found out the hard way that the Nokia MicroUSB port is the square MicroUSB variant, but the cable they use for USB OTG on the recent Archos devices looks promising.

      • And Woo-hoo! The Archos MicroUSB host cable works!

      • Awesome! Do let us know any new findings you may have!

      • Well, it’s not quite so awesome, but the new firmware seems to have fixed the runaway WiFi Sharing service bug, which means it looks like the phone is good for 4-5 hours of screen-on time in a regular day.

    • Hi everyone,
      I was just wondering does anybody know if I can use this same adaptor to work on the ”4gb 7 mid google android 2.3 touchscreen tablet pc wifi 256mb” please help, VERY LOST. I just baught it for my sins on ebay and figured out that I can’t use my Irish USB on it as it needs an otg usb port (something I have never come across). But I know there are several sizes. Please help cant figure out which one to buy,
      Thanks Liz

      • Chris Ward says:

        Hi Liz,

        I don’t think you will be able to use the Irish USB with the tablet. The majority of Android 2.3 devices do not have the USB OTG (USB hosting facility).

  2. That’s a really great video. He isn’t half asleep while presenting the video, like most of the American one’s!

    • Hi Joshua, thanks for your kind words – the adrenaline of trying to adlib the video in one take probably helped with the alertness!

  3. Hi Samsung has confirmed that the NFC version of Galaxy s II will be coming to UK on June, will you guys getting it?

    • It’s too early to say at this stage Victor. As soon as we’ve got any word on availability we will post it on the blog and website.

    • Actually, the report implies later than June, possibly much later…

      “Reports that the NFC Galaxy S2 will be landing in June would therefore be wide of the mark, with the launch seemingly set to coincide with NFC services rolling out across the country later in the year.”

  4. Bill Hickey says:

    Anyone know whether it is possible to transfer files from a flash drive to an external hard drive?

    I usually travel with a laptop in order to move files from my camera to a hard drive but am hoping that a smartphone could replace the laptop.

    I know that it would require an externally-powered USB hub as well as SD/CF to USB adapters for the cards.

    • Hi Bill,

      This should work fine, I’ve copied files from an SD-adapter connected to the SGSII (via an externally powered hub, adapters don’t even need the hub – check XDa-developers for users comments there).

  5. Carl Sakofsky says:

    Dear Murray Winiata,

    Your blog about using a Bluetooth Keyboard on a Samsung Galaxy S II was excellent and I really need to know how easy or difficult it is to adapt a using a Bluetooth Keyboard to the Samsung Galaxy S II? i.e. Is there a setting or location on the Galaxy S II phone that will recognize the keyboard and does this only take a few clicks everytime you want to use yourexternal keyboard.

    Also if a standard size USB cable won’t work would Dick Smith here in Chch have an converter cable? I have some many USB cables that I use for my MP3 player and other phone devices to recharge them. It seems a waste to have to buy a whole set of new ones just because the USB port on the phone is a mini size?

    You’ve bee a great help to me. Thanks for you informative video!!!!!!!!!

    Carl Sakofsky

    • Well, I’m not Murray, but…

      If you leave bluetooth activated on your SGS2, and the keyboard is paired, then every time you switch on the keyboard, it should automatically reconnect with the SGS2 without the need to do anything on the phone. That’s the way it’s worked with my old ThinkOutside keyboard, anyway.

      If you’re talking about buying extra cables to connect storage devices, all you need is the one that converts your SGS2’s microUSB to a standard type A receptacle (female port), so anything else you have with a type A male port (eg any standard flash drive) will plug into it – no need for a different adaptor cable for each device. eg…

  6. where can l buy this cable ?

  7. Grate video!
    I have a question for the gs2 owners:
    can I connect a usb splitter to the galaxy and use keybord, mouse, storage device and hdmi at the same time??
    if not why?

  8. Hi,thank you very much for the short informative video. I tried to connect an old Thinkoutside keyboard through blue tooth to Samsung Galaxy 2 but it showed “paired” but it wouldn’t connect. Is there anything I’ve not changed in the setting of Galaxy? Thanks very much for any help.