Motorola Pro will no longer be released in the UK

Unfortunately we have now heard that the Motorola Pro will no longer be released in the UK. It was announced at MWC back in February as the UK variant of the Droid Pro, but will not now get a UK release.

We were looking forward to seeing a device with the form factor of the Pro – An Android handset with a candybar design and full QWERTY keyboard.

However, it’s not all bad news as we are aware that a replacement is on its way and is likely to launch towards the middle of Q3. We’ve got no further details at the moment but we’ll get them posted as and when they emerge!


  1. karnka says

    I was quite upset that I’d just bought a Milestone 2 when this was announced as it does look very usable. Definitely a pity, but then Motorola does seem to treat the UK as a bit of an afterthought (still no Atrix….).