Samsung Galaxy S II UK Specs Confirmed: Exynos Chip & Quad-Band 3G!

This has been a hot topic of conversation over the last month or so but finally we have confirmation of the Samsung Galaxy S II specs that remained to be clarified.

Having spoken to the UK Product Manager for the Samsung Galaxy S II, we can confirm that UK stock will ship with the following:

1. Samsung Dual Core Exynos CPU (not NVidia Tegra 2) 

2. 3G frequencies are 850/900/1900/2100 (Quad band)

3. Display is Super AMOLED Plus

4. Box contents: Handset, battery, charger, USB cable, headset, Quick start guide.

If you have an outstanding pre-order with Clove for the SGS2, you will be receiving an email regarding this confirmation of spec within the next day or so and you will be given the chance to cancel the order if this is not the specification that you were hoping for. However, we hope that for the majority of you this will be good news and we look forward to shipping your order as soon as possible.



      • Dale says

        Are you sire about NFC? none of the mobilers who seem to have retail units have any NFC options in their units?

        • says

          Yes at this stage we have not been informed otherwise so going by the technical spec that we have it will feature NFC capability.

      • Mike Paterson says

        I think you are in for a surprise as although there may be an NFC chip included there does not appear to be any menu commands in the UK version to run the software/hardware.


        • says

          It’s possible but we can’t confrim either way at this stage. It would be strange to put a chip in and not use it but these things do happen sometimes.

      • Mike Paterson says

        Well…. I think we have cleared this up once and for all. NO NFC for the UK.

        Why the hell didn’t Samsung let the UK market know they would not be getting NFC.
        It is infuriating to say the least.
        I am seeing this time after time with Samsung; advertise something special or wonderful, PR and plug the thing to hell.
        We in turn place our orders then just a few days before release…… BANG! that special or wonderful thing is not coming.

        Not impressed.

    • Andy says

      “Well…. I think we have cleared this up once and for all. NO NFC for the UK.”

      Err.. does that mean.. No support yet, or no hardware capability at all?

      Personally I’m pretty interested in NFC, seem the way ahead for payments.

      • Mike Paterson says

        What I am saying Andy is today we learned the UK SGS II will not be coming with the NCS chip. Whether that comes at a later date who knows.
        There is also question it will not fit inside your super-slim SGS II and if that is the case do not expect to be able to send the phone in to have it fitted at a later date.

        And THIS is why I am so annoyed with Samsung.
        They MUST have known the NCS chip would not be fitted yet all the marketing, advertising and PR has pushed this phone with NCS capability.

  1. says

    Hello Ed, actually confusion came about because after MWC there were leaks that Tegra2 may be used in production. Even the official Samsung specification changed stating only a generic dual core with no specified manufacturer. In fact it is still possible that other regions globally may not receive the Exynos. Although UK is now confirmed

  2. Mike Paterson says

    Don’t forget to include in the message you are sending to all those who pre-ordered the correct core speed on the CPU.
    There is still confusion especially in India if the SGSII ships with 1Ghz or 1.2Ghz.


    • says

      Cheers Mike, we did report last week that UK stock is confirmed as 1.2 GHz, we will put this in our email to waiting customers

    • says

      The MicroUSB -> HDMI (MHL) cable has not been confirmed as an included accessory. At this time we can only assume it will be available to purchase separately however we are awaiting confirmation on pricing and availability of all accessories including the cradle

  3. ben says

    Thank you for the fast news CLOVE!!
    now there are all wht i want! awwwww great!
    so happy with it! cant wait till may T.T

  4. John says

    Hi Clove, just a question regarding shipping. You mentioned in a previous post the phone goes on sale 1st May which is a Sunday. 2nd May is a Bank Holiday so most likely you won’t be able to go into the shops and purchase Samsung Galaxy S2 until Tue 3rd May.

    But what exact day will you be shipping all your orders and what method of postage will be used i.e. will we get the phone the next working day after it ships?

    PS. If i pre-order, when will the money be taken out of my account?

    Hope you can help! :)

    • says

      Hi John,

      We will begin shipping on 3rd May. The SGS2 is launching on the 1st May, so as you say it will not be available to purchase in shops until 3rd May due to the bank holiday weekend. For UK shipping, provided that you opt for Royal Mail Special Delivery, the order will be with you by 1PM the day after it is dispatched. We will begin charging for orders in the week prior to the release so as to be able to dispatch as many as possible once stock is available.

      • John says

        Hi Clove, thanks for your reply. Very much appreciated.

        One more thing. Both and Amazon are selling the SGS2 for £499.99 with a release date of April 29th. I’m not sure how certain they are of shipping on that date, but my question is about the price.

        They’re selling for £499.99 but your price is £528. So anyone who wants to save money, and in this climate who doesnt, would naturally gravitate and pre-order with them. So is there any way you can share the same price tag?

        I look forward to your reply.

        • says


          The 29h could be the day they are receiving stock. They would be violating contracts with Samsung if they were to ship before this time.

          We understand that both Amazon and are selling at £499.99 but our price is the £440 + VAT (£538 inclusive) and this is set to stay for the time being.

          We do have to take into account that we are specialists and have to factor in other costs such as support etc. We do have economies of scale as they do, but to Amazon and Play it is just another product and often margin is not their primary concern, especially when they will be unable to advise on issues that may arise with the device.

          Thus the slight premium paid from us will be more than worthwhile as we are here to answer all your queries.

      • karnka says

        Expansys are doing it for £500 as well and typically Clove are a little cheaper than Expansys…

    • karnka says

      So, that would be about £430 + TAX which makes it about half way between the Amazon/Expansys price and the Clove price…..

      What a ridiculous post.

      • John says

        Fact of the matter remains that Play, Amazon and Expansys are all selling it for £499.99 (incl. VAT) and Clove is £528 (incl. VAT). So when it comes to cheapest price available those will be the popular Top 3.

        But thank you Clove for your explanation, completely understand but unfortunately if i decide to make a purchase it will be for the one who sells it for less.

  5. martin says

    Hi can you find out if gs2 has a wolfson sound chip as did gs1. Rumour is it may have an inferior yamaha chip?


  6. martin says

    Hi now you have confirmed theres no nfc in uk version can I ask if you found out what sound chip is inside? Is it a new chip or inferior to the wolfson in i9000 thanks