How to use the Amazon Appstore outside of the US


This is a handy post from the guys over at XDA Developers, which in case you haven’t come across before is a great website/forum for anyone that is interested in the more technical side of smartphones/tablets and things such as custom ROMs/modding.

This post provides a method for you to access the Amazon Android Appstore, which launched earlier this week, if you are outside of the US. No doubt Amazon will make the store available to other countries at some point, but by the sound of some reports there are a few things that they need to sort out with the US Appstore before doing so. Anyway, if you don’t wish to wait, check out the XDA post. It may not be for everyone as it is not as simple as just installing a piece of software, but it’s not as tricky as some of the other stuff they do over at XDA developers.

There’s a step by step guide that is linked to from the XDA Developers thread here as well.