HTC Flyer coming April, available to pre-order at Clove


We’ve had some good news this afternoon – the first stock of the HTC Flyer is due to land mid-April! We now have the Flyer available to pre-order on the Clove website, although we are still waiting for pricing to be confirmed at this stage. As usual, prices on pre-orders will be amended prior to shipping once an official price is confirmed.

Yesterday we posted this article on the pro’s and con’s of the HTC Flyer, which is the first tablet device to be released by the Taiwanese firm. Over the next few weeks we’ll be putting together some comparisons of the Flyer next to other new and forthcoming tablets, such as the BlackBerry PlayBook, Samsung Galaxy Tab range and the Motorola XOOM.


Here’s an overview of the main HTC Flyer features:

  • 7 Inch Touchscreen with HTC Scribe Technology for On-Screen Handwriting
  • Google Android 2.4 Operating System with HTC Sense
  • 5 Megapixel rear facing camera and 1.3 Megapixel Front Facing Camera.
  • Sleek Aluminium Body Provides a Solid and Stylish Design
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
  • 3G/HSPA Connectivity
  • HTC Watch – A Download Service for Movies
  • Timemark – The Ultimate Note Taking Tool
  • Wireless Synchronisation with Evernote
  • 32GB On Board Memory
  • MicroSDHC Memory Card Slot


  1. karnka says

    HTC have committed to put Honeycomb on this, haven’t they… I presume there’s no word on when that would be but that we might be looking some time in the summer?

    • says

      No haven’t had any word on that. However, some reports suggest that Android 2.4 will not be Ice Cream, but Honeycomb for smartphones. If this is the case, maybe there won’t be an update to Honeycomb 3.0. I’m not sure about this though, it’s just speculation.

      • karnka says

        Yes… all a bit unclear isn’t it.

        It looks fairly conclusive that this will be shipping with a variant of Gingerbread/Sense and that the smartphone honeycomb port (or ice cream, or whatever) isn’t likely to be ready any time soon.

        I think it’s a little disappointing that HTC have decided to prioritise Sense over using Honeycomb here as I would be very keen on a well put-together 7″ Honeycomb tablet.

        • says

          Yea I’m not too sure what the reasoning would be for it. My understanding is that Honeycomb 3.0 is designed mainly for larger, dual-core tablets, where as 2.4 will essentially be honeycomb for less powerful smartphones, allowing them to run apps designed for dual-core handsets. Being a 1.5GHz 7-inch tablet, I guess the Flyer is bang in the middle of the two. Perhaps it’s a case of 2.4 being more suitable, I’m not very clued up on the hardware/Android OS specifics so I don’t know which one would suit it best.

      • karnka says

        I’m not sure it’s even as clear cut as that :)

        What I would say is that Dell are going to update the Streak 7 from 2.2 –> “Honeycomb” and it has an even lower screen res than the flyer.

        Perhaps everything will become clear in the next few weeks!