Samsung Galaxy S II Processor: Tegra 2 or Exynos?


Reports have emerged today that suggest there will be two different versions of the Samsung Galaxy S II released; one with Samsung’s new Exynos dual-core chipset and one with the NVIDIA Tegra 2 chip, which is also dual-core.

At this stage we cannot confirm whether we will be receiving stock with the Exynos or with the Tegra 2, although a report from Engadget speculates that the processor type will likely depend on location, and that UK and US stock will likely feature the Exynos chip. However, Samsung are yet to officially confirm these details.

While we cannot be certain, it is likely that Samsung has turned to NVIDIA to help with the high demand that is anticipated for the SGS2. We will confirm as soon as possible which chip the Clove stock of the Samsung Galaxy S II will ship with.