HTC 7 Pro now available to Pre-order at Clove


The forthcoming HTC 7 Pro is now available to pre-order at Clove. This will be the most business-centric Windows Phone 7 device released to date if it does arrive as expected on February 10th.

In terms of form factor, the HTC 7 Pro is comparable to the HTC Touch Pro2, which runs the older version of Windows Mobile (6.5.3) and was an extremely popular business device. This never version features the updated OS and a range of new features making use of the latest smartphone technology.

So what exactly does the HTC 7 Pro have to offer?

There’s plenty of business features, including the ability to easily view and edit office documents. As expected Microsoft outlook is built-in, which helps to read, organise and send emails. The 5-row, slide-out QWERTY keyboard has raised keys, spaced in a way that enables quick and easy typing. HTC_Pro_7_Front_Open

Being a Windows Phone 7 device, the 7 Pro has access to Bing services (Maps, Search) and Zune services (for TV, music and film). There’s also the ability to connect the 7 Pro to your Xbox live account, although this is unlikely to much interest the business user.

For a full list of the spec or to pre-order the HTC Pro 7, head over to the Clove website.