Sammy’s Wildfire Thoughts


Sammy at Palm Addicts recently had his hands on a HTC Wildfire and shared a few of his thoughts with us, a few of the key points are shown below

Even thought the Wildfire is a consumer related phone I still think it’s quick powerful, it does what I wanted to do and it’s fun to use at the same time.

battery life is very good, it’s lasted two days without a charge

the phone is indeed very light, much lighter than my iPhone and it has a nice plastic feel which I said yesterday it doesn’t feel as fragile as the iPhone

I especially like just how slim it is, and its lighter than my iPhone 4. I don’t get scared as much of accidentally dropping it, with my iPhone I am very protective. So I think the Wildfire is somewhat more robust.

Wildfire can be summed up in one word, fun/

If you want to read more, you can, his thoughts are on the links below:

Part 1 and Part 2

Update 23/08/2010:

Sammy has written some further thoughts – you can read them here.