BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9105 – Coming Soon


The BlackBerry Pearl has always been a popular smartphone as it offered so much considering its physical size.

An efficient communication and productivity tool for the mobile business person, many corporations globally have installed and take advantage of the RIM email system.

One thing that the Pearl series lacked was 3G connectivity.  Not that it necessarily needed it, thanks to the efficient data capabilities of this device, but it is always nice to have it.

Thankfully RIM, the company behind BlackBerry smartphones, recently announced the Pearl 3G 9105.  Updated to include 3G many will be pleased to hear this news.

Well a little more good news is that we can now confirm that the Peal 3G 9105 will be available as of the 2nd August and will cost a very competitive £255+VAT.

If you would like to know a little more about the Pearl and what it can offer you, do have a read of the product information found HERE.

We are taking orders for the first stock now, so should you want to obtain one of the first you can! CLICK HERE to place a pre-order.

Alternatively if you are not quite ready to place an order and wish to be informed when the stock actually lands, you can do by registering your interest on our product page HERE.