TouchType – More accurate text imput

Android phone showing SwiftKey software

Text entry into your Google Android smartphone may not be a problem for you; but you may find that the screen size of smartphones paired with your fingers does not make  good combination and you in fact end up making a few mistakes when entering data.

Most of the newest Android smartphones will have predictive text which guesses what you are typing and should make speed of entry better.

London based TouchType have announced a new predictive text technology known as FluencyMobile which the company says will enable users to write 50% more efficiently than if using other solutions.

Predicting a third of words without a button being presses and nearly 85% of words within two characters according to TouchType CEO, Jonathan Reynolds.

It also corrects typing errors and reduces high input error rates made on small mobile keyboards.  It even goes as far as adding in apostrophes and inserts accents for non-English character entries.

Due to be released for Android very soon, you can read more HERE or register to test it HERE.

VIA: Mobile Magazine


  1. […] Android users, would you like to improve your typing speed and accuracy by 50% on your phone’s virtual QWERTY keyboard? London based company TouchType has developed a new product called FluencyMobile which predicts a third of words without a button being pressed and 85% of words with just two characters pressed according to the company’s CEO, Jonathan Reynolds. The app will also correct spelling mistakes and decreases the number of errors made while typing fast on a handset’s QWERTY keyboard. Apostrophes are added automatically as are inserts for non-English characters. If you’re interested in testing it on your Android model, click on this link. Once SwiftKey is released, Android users should notice an improvement in their typung. Oops. source: TouchType via CloveBlog […]