Acer Liquid Shipping Date Confirmed


Acer have today, confirmed the shipping date and pricing for the Acer Liquid. This Android Smartphone will have the fastest processor to date in such as device as it carries the Qualcomm 1ghz processor together with a new version of the Android OS.

We look forward to seeing this Acer Smartphone in action as the Android OS is already very quick and when coupled with this fast processor,it should be amazing to see it’s performance.

Price has been set at £286 plus VAT (£328 inc VAT) which makes it exceptionally well priced for its spec, with includes a 5 megapixel camera, 3.5 WVGA screen, Bluetooth, WiFi, built in GPS and 512mb ROM and 256mb RAM. There is also an included 2gb Micro SD card.

Shipments start in late November. Full details can be found here.

We are now taking back orders and we expect demand to be high.


  1. Smith says

    Are you still expecting stock in by the end of this month? Amazon UK has it launching on the 7th December.

  2. netboy says

    they better not delay it again!
    otherwise i going to cancel my order and get Sony X10 instead!
    1st, they lower the cpu from 1G to 768mzh !
    now they delaying it? WTF ?